17 Must-See Tactical Riflescopes

Stock your store shelves with riflescopes your tactical patrons can rely on when the rubber meets the road.

17 Must-See Tactical Riflescopes
Leapers Integrix iX8 1-8x28mm

Tactical operators know that failure is not an option when facing dangerous and unpredictable situations in the line of duty. And to ensure a successful outcome, these specialists now have access to a new generation of superior tactical riflescopes designed for ultra-tough environments and zero margin for error. This new breed of tactical optics offers precision sighting solutions and reliability under the most demanding circumstances, so users can rest assured they will always be prepared with optimal clarity, accuracy and outstanding performance when they need it most. Must-have features include rugged construction, a variable magnification range, generous eye relief, illuminated reticles, multicoated glass, zero-stop turrets, etc. — all designed to operate flawlessly when the chips are down. Whether customers are shopping for low-power wide-field-of-view optics for close engagements or high-power riflescopes to reach out and touch distant targets, it is imperative for tactical retailers to stock those models that will get the job done, fit a wide range of applications, and operate without fail every time. So, when customers with a tactical bent come into your store or browse your website looking for street-smart optics, steer them toward these tried-and-true models.


Axeon Optics Second Zero

The Second Zero from Axeon Optics shifts a target image up by the same number of inches a bullet drops over a specified distance. So if a bullet drops by 4 inches because of gravity, the Second Zero shifts the image up by 4 inches. In effect, they cancel each other out. This is a precision optical device that gives any rifle shooter an instant additional zero distance whether in a hunting or tactical application. It’s an aiming device used in conjunction with any standard riflescope — a prism driven optical device configured to bend light at a precise minute of angle to achieve an additional zero (second zero) downrange. The company says it will revolutionize the way shooters achieve accuracy at long distances. MSRP: $59.99.



Black Diamond Optics LT-6 1-6x24mm

The Black Diamond Optics LT-6 1-6x24mm first focal plane (FFP) tactical scope was designed specifically for AR-platform rifles. It has a lighted target ring MOA reticle that allows for fast target acquisition at low power settings, while a much finer center point ensures precision accuracy at greater distances. Built on a 30mm tube, the LT-6 features fully multicoated lenses with an anti reflective/anti scratch coating, adjustable, lift-adjust and push/lock turrets, N2 gas purged sealing and a matte black, hard anodized finish. The LT-6 is a great fit for any AR-style rifle and features European glass with Black Diamond specialized coatings. It is powered by a single CR2032 battery. MSRP: $799.



Burris Xtreme Tactical III

Burris’ Xtreme Tactical III (XTR) riflescopes are now available with two new illuminated reticle designs. The Special Competition Reticle (SCR) 2 features a gridded “Christmas tree” design, and the SCR MOA reticle has a single post design with MOA subtensions. Available in 3.3-18x50mm and 5.5-28x56mm, they utilize a 34mm body tube for increased strength and extended adjustment range. Premium glass and a small eyepiece signature and large eye box provide excellent field of view, deeper depth of focus and outstanding light transmission. Dragon Scale knurling and large diameter knobs provide a sure tactile surface for making quick adjustments in all weather conditions. MSRP: $1,439/XTR III 3.3-18x50mm; $1,679/XTR III 5.5-30x56mm.



Element Nexus 5-20x50mm

The compact, lightweight Element Nexus 5-20x50mm first focal plane 30mm riflescope combines intuitive features such as tool-free tactical turrets, zero-stop and a removable throw lever with precision engineering. A variety of different reticle designs in both MOA and MRAD cater to all shooters — simplified options that are easy on the eye and more complex designs for more experienced shooters. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, the Element Nexus is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and nitrogen purged. Other features include parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity, fully multicoated lenses with an anti-fouling layer, hard mechanical zero-stop and removable magnification throw lever. A sunshade, lens cloth and neoprene cover are also included. MSRP: $1,499.99.



EOTech Vudu 5-25x50mm

The MD4 is the latest reticle option in the compact yet powerful Vudu 5-25x50mm FFL riflescope from EOTech. Now, shooters accustomed to minute-of-angle reticles and turrets can easily transition to this versatile medium- to long-range setup. Like all Vudu riflescopes, 5-25x50mm reticles are etched, providing crisp hash marks for daylight shooting, but thanks to its ultra-short design, there’s also ample room for night-vision or thermal devices in front of the riflescope. The EOTech Vudu 5-25x50mm pairs a mil-dot-style reticle pattern in a first focal plane scope. This offers several advantages, including target ranging and accurate holdovers at any magnification setting. The scope also excels in low-light conditions and features a push-button illumination system with 10 brightness levels. MSRP: $2,099.



German Precision Optics 4.5-27x50i GPOTAC

German Precision Optics (GPO) entered the high magnification first focal plane riflescope market with its premium tactical GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i FFP, featuring a 50mm double HD objective lens system for enhanced resolution coupled with GPObright high transmission lens coatings. Its 34mm main tube maximizes optical performance while supporting incremental elevation adjustment capabilities. It is crafted from a solid, one-piece, dustproof, waterproof, nitrogen-filled body for strength and durability. An illuminated mil-spec LRpro magnifying reticle powered by the GPO iCONTROL illumination system assists the shooter in even the lowest light conditions. Custom designed turrets are mil-based and include a zero-stop feature. It comes with a throw lever, cleaning cloth, see-through bikini ocular, objective lens scope covers and an extra CR2032 battery. MSRP: $1,569.99. 



Hawke Optics 1-8x24mm Vantage

The new-for-2023 1-8x24mm Vantage riflescope from Hawke Optics is available with three reticle options: L4A Dot, Circle Dot or Tactical BDC 5.56. The L4A Dot and Circle Dot reticles give a clean and uninterrupted view of the target, while the new Tactical BDC 5.56 reticle gives uncompromisingly detailed accuracy for 5.56mm NATO ammunition AR-pattern rifles and pistols. The glass-etched BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticle features an illuminated center dot and horseshoe for fast target acquisition and windage markers for enhanced accuracy. Featuring precision glass-etched reticles with multi-stage illumination in both red and green, these models are built on a 30mm monotube chassis with a wide angle FOV for maximum light transmission. Retail: $449.



Leapers Integrix iX8 1-8x28mm (pictured above)

German and Japanese glass lenses used exclusively in every Integrix optic are individually centration tested, multicoated for glare, reflection and scratch resistance and, upon assembly, are inspected for concentricity. The result is low aberration optimized image quality with over 92% light transmittance. At 1X, a quick-to-acquire T-Dot enclosed within a 68-MOA segmented circle makes close-up work quick and to the point, functioning similarly to a dot sight. At higher magnifications, the reticle opens to provide users with a crisp 1-MOA center dot, range estimation out to 600 yards and hash marks up to 60 MOA vertically for holdover and 30 MOA horizontally left and right in 2-MOA increments. MSRP: $1,499.99.



Meopta USA Optika6 5-30x56mm

The Optika6 5-30x56mm riflescope sets the bar high for competition and precision long-range optics, featuring two elements of ED glass in the objective lens for edge-to-edge clarity and resolution no matter the distance. The large, 34mm main tube provides a wide windage and elevation adjustment range, allowing the shooter to easily correct for changing field conditions. All 5-30x56mm scopes feature FFP reticles with exposed windage and zero-stop elevation that are resettable to zero, as well as side parallax adjustment for precise long range shot placement. Reticle options include a proprietary mil-based “tree” reticle that will provide precise aiming throughout the entire power range and allow for accurate hold-over and hold-off in the field. Retail: $1,099.



Sightmark Presidio 1-6x24mm CR1

Offering a wide magnification range for close- to mid-range shooting, the Presidio 1-6x24mm riflescope combines impressive performance with an aggressive yet sleek appearance. It features a second focal plane BDC reticle calibrated for .223 Rem. 55-grain loads, red reticle illumination for contrast against targets in low light, and fully multicoated glass. Capped, low-profile turrets protect the zero and provide precise ½-MOA-per-click windage and elevation adjustments. The IP67 waterproof-rated 30mm single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum construction delivers rugged reliability in extreme environments, while a single 2032 battery provides 150 to 500 hours of battery life. Ideal for a variety of firearms, including ARs and bolt-action rifles, the Presidio 1-6x24mm CR1 includes flip-up lens caps, integrated throw lever and one CR2032 battery. MSRP: $359.99.



Sightron S6 1-6x24mm

Sightron’s premium S6 1-6x24mm full-featured second focal plane (SFP) and first focal plane (FFP) riflescopes are built on lightweight aircraft aluminum 30mm and 34mm tubes, featuring premium Japanese glass with Sightron’s proprietary MC-777 multicoating technology for enhanced clarity, light transmission, color accuracy and sharpness. Generous eye relief and a forgiving eye box provide fast target acquisition and easy monitoring of surroundings. Turrets are resettable to zero with 140 MOA (SFP) / 35 MRAD (FFP) adjustments for the most extreme shooting conditions. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides constant, positive and flush contact that eliminates drift at any windage and elevation adjustment. S6 1-6x24mm riflescopes are an excellent choice for AR-platform rifles — a great high-performance option for medium-range tactical needs. MSRP: SFP $1,299.99; FFP $1,599.99



Sig Sauer Tango-MSR 1-10x26mm

Sig Sauer’s Tango-MSR first focal plane 1-10x26mm riflescope comes equipped with an ALPHA-MSR one-piece aluminum cantilever mount to promote proper alignment with the user’s eye and the scope, and low dispersion glass lenses deliver a sight picture with high light transmission, optimal clarity and distortion-free images. Its rugged construction allows the optic to easily withstand shocks, minor impacts or recoil, and waterproof/fog-proof lens coatings make the Tango-MSR well-suited for use in unfavorable conditions. Other features include the high-precision MSR BDC10 first focal plane illuminated reticle with a pyramid structure of hash marks and holdover points to compensate for bullet drop and wind drift at extended ranges. The Tango-MSR ships with an integrated thread-in throw lever and flip-up lens covers. MSRP: $839.99.



Steiner T6Xi 1-6x24mm

In collaboration with Jon “Mochabear” Dufresne from Kinetic Consulting, the T6Xi 1-6x24mm riflescope from Steiner includes an all-new Steiner KC-1 reticle, designed for quick target acquisition at 1X and precise shooting and positive identification at 6X. Included are both exposed and capped elevation turrets for user or department preference and feature a diopter locking ring to prevent inadvertent movement once the reticle is focused on the user’s eye. All T6Xi models include a throw lever for rapid and confident magnification changes, even while wearing gloves. The T6Xi line of riflescopes is made in the U.S.A. and offers precision, ruggedness and versatility. MSRP: $1,954.99.



Trijicon 1.5-16S ACOG With all the performance of the original Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) wrapped in a smaller 5.1-ounce package, the 1.5x16S model is perfect for fast-moving tactical teams and speed-oriented competitions. This highly compact riflescope provides platforms such as M16/M4 with excellent fire control capability and lightning-fast target acquisition, and with Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) feature, users can keep both eyes open while engaging targets and maintain maximum situational awareness. The forged 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing provides durability, and targets are easier and quicker to acquire via the large field of view (7.4 degrees) and eye-friendly design. Dual illumination provides two sources of battery-free illumination — fiber optics and tritium. MSRP: $1,357.



Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44mm

The Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44mm riflescope features edge-to-edge sharpness and a first focal plane illuminated reticle for fast reads at any magnification and lighting situation, with an expected battery life of 700 hours at illumination setting No. 6. Add the Vortex RevStop zero system for a reliable return to zero and locking turrets for fast, stay-put adjustments for a versatile and reliable sighting solution. The Strike Eagle is built around a 34mm tube that accommodates massive amounts of elevation and windage travel, and it has a throw lever for rapid magnification changes for effective mid- to long-range target engagement. It also features a glass-etched reticle that can be used without illumination. MSRP: $599.99.



Zeiss LRP S3

The Zeiss first focal plane riflescope — the LRP S3 — is designed for long-range precision shooting and includes advanced optics, daytime visible illuminated reticle, ballistic stop and an external locking windage turret. It is available in two models: the LRP S3 4-25x50mm and 6-36x56mm. Both are available in either milliradian (MRAD) or minute-of-angle (MOA) configurations. Exceptional optical performance is assured via the use of extra-low dispersion (ED) lens elements and Zeiss’ proprietary T* multi-layer lens coating for optimum color fidelity, image brightness and edge-to-edge sharpness within the entire field of view. Protective LotuTec lens coating for anti-fogging and to repel dust, dirt or fingerprints complete the advanced optical design of the Zeiss LRP S3. MSRP: $2,199.99/4-25x50mm; $2,499.99/6-36x56mm.



Zero Compromise 5-27x56mm

The ZC527 (5-27x56mm) riflescope from Zero Compromise features 35 mils of internal elevation travel in only 2.25 turns along with 20 mils of windage adjustment. An internal Return 2 Zero (R2Z) feature is built into the elevation turret and allows 0.5 mils below the zero point and an advanced eyepiece design delivers maximum field of view. A Magnification Change Lever (MCL) is machined into the magnification ring where it is ergonomic and snag free, and will not hinder bolt manipulation. A ZCO exclusive Automatic Illumination Management (AIM) is incorporated into every ZCO riflescope. The ZC527 also features a user-selectable red or green reticle illumination color and an advanced automatic deactivation system to conserve battery life. MSRP: $3,980.



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