Non-Toxic Rifle Bullets: 3 Great Picks

Some of your customers will be looking for non-toxic rifle bullets, either because it’s their preference or it’s required where they hunt. Here’s what you can offer them.

Non-Toxic Rifle Bullets: 3 Great Picks

The author used Barnes TSX non-toxic rifle bullets on a Namibian plains game safari and cleanly took kudu (above) as well as eight other species of plains game.

Any discussion of non-toxic rifle bullets is likely to result in an argument. On one side, you often have those who believe using lead for any kind of hunting projectile is always wrong, and those who use lead ammo must hate the environment. On the other end of the spectrum are those who refuse to consider shooting non-toxic bullets because they don’t want the “environmental whackos” telling them what kind of ammunition they can use.

With the increasing environmental...

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