Trijicon Significantly Expands Riflescope Lines

A huge expansion for Trijicon and its riflescope lines means more opportunities for dealers.

Trijicon Significantly Expands Riflescope Lines

At the 2020 Dallas Safari Club’s Convention and Sporting Expo, Trijicon rolled out arguably its biggest news to date — for civilian consumers and sellers of optics, anyway — when the optics maker announced a huge expansion to its lineup of riflescopes.

How huge? Several new scope lines, refinements to existing scopes and a great deal of help for independent shooting sports retailers.

“In all, we now offer 120 SKUs,” says Chuck Wahr, global vice president, sales and marketing. “Of those 120 SKUs, we have 50 completely new scopes, while we’ve upgraded the other 70 scopes we already offered. Included in this expansion, we’ve added new models to our popular AccuPoint line, too.”

The new scopes are bundled into seven distinct lines, or what Wahr likes to refer to as “families,” of optics based on how they will be used by hunters and shooters.

“Creating optics designed around the needs of each user has long been a goal of Trijicon,” Wahr says. “We are excited to now expand our riflescope offerings to include an option for every hunter and shooter.”

Seven Lines

For example, Trijicon now offers the Huron line of variable power riflescopes designed for the North American deer hunter.

Available with three uncluttered reticles that deliver fast and accurate shots, the Huron riflescopes are available in 1-4x24, 2.5-10x40, 3-9x40 and 3-12x40 variants, in either 30mm or 1-inch main tubes made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Offering up to 100 MOA of adjustment, Huron rifle scopes utilize low-capped, easy-to-use adjusters with ¼ MOA clicks for consistent, snag-free elevation and windage adjustments.

The Hurons are built with the same clear, high-quality glass used in other Trijicon scopes, but at mid-level price points, with Hurons running from $650 to $699 suggested retail.

AccuPoint riflescopes are engineered with tritium and fiber-optic always-on illumination (no batteries) and have been a favorite of hunters and recreational shooters for years.

All-new AccuPoint models include a 3-18x50 and 4-24x50. Available with eight reticles and green, red or amber illumination, the AccuPoints are offered in nine different scopes from 1-4x24 to 5-20x50. With up to 100 MOA or 29 MRAD of adjustment, the AccuPoint riflescopes deliver ultra-durable construction with both-eyes-open shooting at any range.

Ascent rifle scopes are ideal for elevating skills among tactical shooters and include a 1-4x24 and 3-12x40 offering, both with a BDC Target Holds MOA-based reticle. Tested to military standards and featuring low-capped adjusters with ¼ MOA clicks, the Ascent delivers fully multi-coated broadband anti-reflective glass for excellent light transmission and brilliant edge-to-edge clarity. Built on a 30mm tube and weighing less than 17.8 oz., the Ascent rifle scopes are lightweight, come with a matte finish and feature tactical knurling for responsive adjustments.

Featuring user-selectable green or red LED illumination, the new Credo tactical rifle scopes deliver any-light aiming and superior target acquisition from a rugged, durable platform. A result of technology that’s been honed over decades of military deployments, the Credo line is available with nine different illuminated reticles with MOA, MRAD or BDC configurations. Nine different scopes range from 1-4x24 to 4-16x50 and are available in first or second focal plane reticles.

The Credo HX lineup comes in seven variable power scope options and six illuminated reticles for the more tactically focused hunter. Like the Credos, and Credo HX scopes feature a repositionable magnification lever and provide an incredibly clear sight picture from dawn to dusk.

The all-new Tenmile rifle scopes are engineered for long-range enthusiasts and are available in seven different illuminated reticle options in MRAD or MOA configurations. Available in six variable-power scopes from 3-18x44 to 6-24x50, the Tenmiles allow for up to 100 MOA or 29 MRAD of adjustment from crisp and precise adjusters.

Hunters who prepare for longer-range shots will appreciate the new Tenmile HX scopes, which feature four green or red illumined reticles, four variable power choices, and outstanding glass housed in rugged tubes.

Performance Testing

All Trijicon riflescope models have been tested at temperature ranges from -20 to 140 degrees, giving hunters confidence in their glass no matter the climate. Each model is Solid Zero Tested and subjected to 5,000 rounds of heavy cartridge testing to ensure no reticle shift, while Trijicon’s Drop Testing guarantees that every bump and bruise won’t result in a warranty claim.

All Trijicon models are shock and vibration tested to take on recoil and the abuse of the field. Finally, all models are immersion tested and dry nitrogen filled to eliminate internal fogging even in the harshest environments.

I’ve used the Huron 1-4x24 and 2.5-10x44 scopes on hunts and for reviewing purposes, in addition to having reviewed the Credo 2.5-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope. 

The controls on both scope lines were precise. I could make a shot on the bullseye at 100 yards, click the elevation or windage 10 times, re-aim at the bullseye and the next shot would hit 10 click adjustments up, down, right or left. Every time. More clicks would move the next shots in the correct directions and for the expected distances.

And when I adjusted all the way back to zero? Direct hit on the bullseye.

I also tried out both scope lines in low light conditions and was pleased to discover they pulled in plenty of light right before dawn and as dusk was gathering. These scopes are well-built, too, with the tubes made from 6061-T aircraft-grade aluminum that should last your customers for years and years with basic care and maintenance.

Educating Dealers

“Trijicon has a great reputation as a supplier of high-quality optics for the military, and we are very proud of that reputation,” Wahr notes. “But we offer so many options for the hunter, the recreational shooter and the competitor. These offerings are a big and growing part of the Trijicon story but, frankly, we haven’t done a very good job of educating our dealers about this story. That all changes for 2020 and beyond.”

As part of this new education program, Trijicon sales representatives will visit retailers and work with counter staff to bring them up to speed on the new and upgraded scope lines, as well as the many other Trijicon products.

Wahr noted that each retailer will decide what he or she wants and needs from Trijicon, given the retailer’s unique mix of customers and customer activities.

“If a dealer only wants hunting optics, for example, and even then, only those used for shorter to mid-range hunting? That’s all the dealer needs to order from us,” Wahr says. “We do not require a huge buy-in across our optic lines like some other companies. Large or small, order only what you need.

“Or maybe you have two distinct customer bases frequenting your establishment: long-range competitors as well as deer hunters. Pick what you want from the Huron line for the deer hunters, and then select options from the Tenmile line of long-range optics. You the retailer pick the Trijicon offerings that best meet the needs of your customers — and your bottom line!”

For 2020, Trijicon will also do a nationwide “road show,” showing up at various retailers (at the retailer’s request, of course) to put on various in-store displays and seminars on the new scopes, as well as Trijicon’s other product lines including handgun iron sights, handgun optics like the new SRO, red dots and thermal optics. 

Trijicon no longer requires that its dealers adhere to Minimum Advertised Pricing. Wahr noted it was too difficult to monitor which dealers were following past MAP guidelines.

“And really, we need our retailers and dealers to succeed for us to succeed,” Wahr says. “So, who better to decide what a local market can and will bear than our retailers? We let them decide on the prices of our optics given their locations and customers.” 

Helping Retailers

Whether you are a new or veteran Trijicon dealer, the smart move is to connect with your Trijicon representative and avail yourself of the tremendous amount of help Trijicon is offering retailers within this new optics launch.

“We have very much refocused our attention on helping our retail partners move Trijicon products and to make profits,” Wahr explains.

That attention translates into co-op money, rebate money and several different growth incentives to Trijicon retailers based on their level of buy-in and sales.

For its magnified optics lines, Trijicon offers point-of-purchase displays, brochures and new display stands for rifle scopes. Product packaging has been redesigned and made much more appealing to the eye, too.

“We can’t move forward unless our retail partners have success selling Trijicon products,” Wahr says. “And we are working very diligently to help make this mutual success a reality, for 2020 and beyond.”


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