Selling Precision: Get Into the Long-Range Game

Selling precision is big. Be prepared to help customers reach out and touch something in the long-range game.

Selling Precision: Get Into the Long-Range Game

Long-range precision rifle shooting could be anything from competition at an established range to wide-open property with friends. PRS enthusiasts are diehard about their gear and setups so be ready for questions about specific products. (Photo: Michael D. Faw)

Speak with anyone about rifles and shooting these days, and you can rest assured the topic of long-range shots will enter the conversation — it’s all the rage.

Folks continue buying precision rifles, taking classes and going to shooting ranges in hopes of reaching what for many is today’s holy grail in the shooting world — sending a bullet 1,000 yards to punch a hole in a bullseye or ring a gong. There are also special competitions for those who master the 1,000-yard...

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