How to Light Up the Night With a Traditional Day Scope

Armasight’s CO series of night-vision clip-on devices let your customers turn their favorite traditional riflescope into a night-vision scope in seconds.

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How to Light Up the Night With a Traditional Day Scope

Law enforcement and security personnel, particularly snipers, face a major challenge when it comes to shooting at night — positive ID when engaging hostile targets in the dark. Thermal doesn’t cut it here, and obviously, traditional day scopes are out of the question, so night-vision optics are the main solution. But many LEO and snipers already have their rifle set up the way they like it, with a traditional day scope that has probably cost a lot of money and that they’re very comfortable using. They don’t want to just take it off and change optics. What can you sell them to offer the best of both worlds?

Armasight’s CO series of night-vision clip-on devices is the answer. These are quality night-vision units that mount in front of an existing scope to convert it to a night-vision scope. You can use your existing traditional riflescope, clip on a CO from Armasight, and have a night-vision-capable device in literally seconds. The clip-ons can be mounted to or removed from a standard Picatinny rail in seconds, with no tools required. It allows the shooter the best of both worlds and the ultimate in versatility — the traditional scope they love for daytime use with the ability to stay in the game after the sun sets.

There’s no need to re-zero the scope — the units are factory bore-sighted to better-than-1-MOA accuracy, so the shooter’s original scope will work seamlessly with the Night-Vision Clip-On without the need to re-zero. On top of that, the shooter uses their scope’s reticle and eye relief that they’re comfortable with to maintain accuracy and confidence when shooting at night. Shot release and follow-through will be as it always is, so it truly is as simple as mount-focus-shoot — as familiar as shooting in the daytime. The only difference is the shooter gets to enjoy the advantage of Armasight night-vision while using their favorite familiar scope. Hunters love it, too, as it allows them to turn a deer hunt into a coyote or hog hunt once the sun sets.

The CO scopes use a true passive system that operates on ambient light without the need for additional IR light sources in most cases. This allows the shooter to stay under cover without being detected, unlike digital systems that need to use an IR light source.

Armasight offers a number of models in the CO line, designed for medium range (MR) or long range (LR). Their newest models, which recently started shipping, are the CO-Mini Gen 3 Pinnacle and CO-Mini Gen 3 Bravo. Designed for short- to medium-range use, they are the most compact commercially available clip-on night-vision devices, according to Armasight. They use battle-proven image intensification technology and are designed for use with most low- to mid-power daytime scopes.

The Gen 3 Pinnacle CO-Mini offers the best combination of price and performance and comes with the buyer’s choice of Pinnacle image intensifier tubes with a minimum of 2,000 FOM, or premium Pinnacle 2376 tubes that are guaranteed to have a minimum of 2,376 FOM. Zone 1 is kept completely clear of blemishes, giving you a great picture of your target. All Pinnacle tubes come in ghost white phosphor, the preferred choice of elite special operators around the globe. The Pinnacle Co-Mini ranges in MSRP from $5,199 to $5,699 depending on the tube chosen.

Both models come with a mountable remote control that will wake the CO-Mini from standby mode with the simple push of a button, which helps extend battery life. Traditional night-vision lasts much longer with a standard AA or CR123 battery versus any digital option available, and the CO-Minis from Armasight run on a single CR123.

Ideal for new night-vision users, the Gen 3 Bravo CO-Mini is available in green or ghost white phosphor and is designed to be the best value in Gen 3 night-vision, with all the technology that produces a great picture and performance (compared to Gen 2 or digital night vision) but with a few minor imperfections. While all image intensifier tubes may have minor spots or blemishes, the Bravo tube will have a few more than the Pinnacle or Pinnacle Elite tubes. Because of this, Armasight offers the Bravo at a lower price point — MSRP of $4,299 — to make this a significant value, particularly for entry-level users.

If your clientele includes law enforcement or security personnel who might have a need to shoot after dark, Armasight’s CO series of night-vision clip-on scopes can represent the best of both worlds — all the comfort of the user’s familiar, traditional day scope with the quickly-added night-vision capability Armasight is famous for. 


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