New Optics for 2020

From riflescopes to rangefinders, manufacturers have brought plenty of new optics to market in 2020.

New Optics for 2020

Sector F1 Rangefinder is one of the many  new optics introduced in 2020. (Photo: Sector)

This year may well go down in retailer history as the “Year of the New Riflescope.” That’s because optics makers rolled out dozens and dozens of new scopes before, during and after the annual SHOT Show held in Las Vegas this past January.  

Trijicon wins the “Most New SKUs” award by launching a whopping 50 new riflescopes, while upgrading another 70 existing scopes. But Bushnell, Leupold, Swarovski, U.S. Optics and many others all added to this wave of new scopes.

The takeaway for the shooting sports retailer? If there are features and price points your customers are after, there’s likely a new scope that’s just right for them.

New-for-2020 red-dots and other sights made a strong showing, too, with a few new binoculars tossed into the mix.

Our sampling of 2020 Optics includes:

Rifle Scopes

Bushnell’s New AR Optics Models

Bushnell increases offerings in its AR Optics line with two new 4.5-18x40mm rifle scopes with BDC turrets. Customized for use with either .223 Rem, .308 WIN, 6.5 Creedmoor or 224 Valkyrie, the new riflescopes can be had with four different ballistic drop turrets and are available with or without an illuminated reticle. Bushnell also added a 1-6x24mm and a 1-8x24mm scope to the AR Optics line, both with illuminated BDC reticles. All new scopes have standard AR Optics features including the Throw Hammer Level for quick magnification changes, durable 1-inch tubes with a second focal plane reticle position, and fully multi-coated optics with extra low dispersion glass.

Bushnell’s Prime Line Gets New Offerings

Bushnell’s Prime lineup of popular hunting scopes gets two new entries for 2020: The Prime 3-9x40mm scope with an illuminated Multi-X reticle for low light situations and, the Prime 3-12x40mm riflescope packaged with seven custom turrets precalibrated for some of today's most popular hunting calibers. Both new models feature fully multi-coated optics for a bright, clear view at dusk and dawn, plus Bushnell’s proprietary EXO Barrier lens coating for a super-slick surface that repels water, fog, dust and debris. Both models are built in 1-inch tubes; both have second focal plane reticles and fast-focus eyepieces.

Burris Eliminator IV Riflescope Burris upgrades the Eliminator line with the Eliminator IV 4-16x50 riflescope, adding improved features to significantly increase a rifle’s range, accuracy and efficiency out to an impressive 2,000 yards. The Eliminator IV’s improved integrated laser rangefinder and updated onboard ballistics calculator offer more data and faster aiming solutions to accommodate centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun ballistic trajectories. The Eliminator IV takes a cartridge’s ballistic info and calculates perfect holdover at the exact ranged distances and displays a bright red aiming holdover dot for the most accurate shot in seconds — all at the push of a button. A new Bluetooth laser activation switch has been added, and the scope’s digital display with the proven X96 reticle will show a 10-mph wind value for the specific cartridge at the indicated range to the target.

EOTech Vudu 1-8x24

EOTech, a division of L3Harris Technologies, beefs up its Vudu riflescopes line with a new 1-8x24mm second focal plane model. Like other Vudu scopes, the 1–8x24mm features aircraft-grade aluminum construction, including a one-piece 30mm tube, clear and bright XC High-Density glass for high resolution and low-light performance, precise turrets, and intuitive push-button reticle illumination controls. The HC3 quad-level BDC reticle has a precise 0.5-MOA illuminated center dot and 2-, 5-, 8.5- and 12.5-MOA sub tensions on the vertical axis (at 8x power).

New Models for Leupold’s VX-Freedom Line Leupold & Stevens, Inc., adds five new illuminated reticle models to its VX-Freedom riflescope line: a 1.5-4x20 (30mm) with a FireDot MOA-Ring reticle; a 3-9x40 (30mm) featuring a FireDot TriMOA reticle; a 3-9x50 (30mm) sporting a FireDot Twilight Hunter reticle; a 4-12x50 (30mm) CDS with the FireDot Duplex reticle; and, a VX-Freedom AR 1.5-4x20 (30mm) with 223 Mil Illuminated FireDot MILRing reticle. The FireDot reticle makes it easier and faster for the shooter to get on target, while the VX-Freedom line offers the reticles plus other quality features at a lower price point. The FireDot Twilight Hunter reticle, new for 2020, was designed with the nation’s most dedicated whitetail hunters in mind. 

Meopta Optika5

Meopta USA Sport Optics introduces the Optika5 series of premium riflescopes, featuring 1-inch tubes, 5x zoom, zero-reset turrets and advanced MeoBright lens coatings to deliver edge-to-edge clarity and bright, sharp images. Available in 2-10x42 RF (rimfire), 2-10x42, 3-15x44, 4-20x44, 4-20x50, and 4-20x50 RD models, the Optika5 riflescopes are available with second focal plane reticles. All come with capped hunting turrets made of rubber-armored metal. The rear-facing magnification display allows for easy viewing of the power setting from behind the scope. Windage and elevation adjustments are a precise ¼ MOA.

Sector Optics G1 Scope 

A relative newcomer to the optics market, Sector Optics offers the G1 scope, a 1-8x24 optic with anti-reflective coatings and an illuminated reticle in the second focal plane. It’s the first riflescope to utilize the unique Internal Display or ID technology. Similar to “heads-up displays” used by military pilots, ID incorporates a transparent display into riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars. ID provides a platform for accessories to display thermal and night vision video streams, ballistic information and many other streams of data, but does not interfere with any standard function of the riflescope. Tube size is 30mm, while the glass-etched illuminated reticle features brightness control for low light conditions. 

Sig Sauer BDX 2.0 Rangefinder and Riflescope System

Sig Sauer’s Electro-Optics division upgrades its Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) Rangefinder and Riflescope System in the new 2.0 version. BDX 2.0 takes all the advanced Applied Ballistics Ultralight and Bluetooth technology of the first BDX model and adds simplified functionality. This includes nine pre-loaded, user-selectable Ballistic Drop Compensation (BDC) reticles in all SIERRA Riflescopes, plus eight ballistic groups pre-loaded in the KILO BDX rangefinders to quickly bond BDX rangefinders and scopes together as ballistic systems. All BDX 2.0 rangefinders and riflescopes are now pre-programmed with ballistic groups that cover most centerfire rifle cartridges, crossbows and muzzleloaders. When users are ready to dial in the next level of ballistic precision, a smart-phone app is ready to deliver.

Swarovski Z5i Illuminated 1-Inch Riflescope Swarovski Optik North America, a subsidiary of the Austrian based company, offers their new Z5i illuminated scope, a lightweight optic with a 1-inch main tube and 5X zoom. It features Swarovski’s optional ballistic turret and patented 4-point coil spring system for an easy adjustments and repeatability in the field, along with precise ¼-MOA turrets and three reticle choices in the second focal plane. Models are available in 2.4-12x50, 3.5-18x44 and 5-25x52 configurations.

Trijicon Ascent Line

Trijicon’s new Ascent riflescopes are ideal for the tactical shooting crowd and include a 1-4x24 and 3-12x40 offering, both with a BDC Target Holds MOA-based reticle. Tested to military standards and featuring low-capped adjusters with ¼-MOA clicks, the Ascent scopes deliver fully multi-coated broadband, anti-reflective glass for excellent light transmission and brilliant clarity. Built on a 30mm tube and weighing less than 17.8 ounces, the Ascent riflescopes are lightweight, come with a matte finish and feature tactical knurling on the turrets for responsive adjustments. 

TruGlo 1-8x24 OMNIA Scope

Made for AR-platform rifles, TruGlo’s Omnia Series of tactical riflescopes now includes a new 1-8x24 model. These lower-power, variable scopes excel at fast acquisition of near-field targets, but also feature a ballistic-calibrated reticle and adjustable magnification for longer-distance shooting. Like all Omnia scopes, the 1-8x24 features TruGlo’s All-Purpose Tactical Reticle (A.P.T.R.). The illuminated, glass-etched A.P.T.R. combines several targeting methods in a single, clutter-free configuration. The 30mm, one-piece tube is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. Multi-coated lenses deliver optimal clarity and contrast in low-light conditions, while a Quick-Zoom Lever provides rapid transitions between magnification levels.

U.S. Optics Foundation Series

U.S. Optics launches its new flagship variable-power riflescope line, the Foundation Series. Built in the USA, the Foundation Series will replace the current line of B-series optics. The Foundation Series 34mm tube is machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and features a low-profile ER3K elevation knob with a Zero Stop, capped US #1 windage knob, adjustable integrated parallax and illumination knob, rapid adjustable 180-degree magnification throw and customizable options. Double Stacked 1/10-MIL or ¼-IPHY marks for use across first and second revolutions. Foundation series scopes are offered in 10x42mm, 1.8-10x42mm, 3.2-17x50 mm, and 5-25x52mm models.

Viridian Venta Scopes

Viridian Weapon Technologies has expanded its Viridian Optics lineup with the Venta 1.5-4.5x32 and the Venta 4-16x40, providing hunters and competitive shooters professional-grade optics at an incredible value. The two new Venta scopes feature advanced optical coatings, 30mm tubes for long range precision and glass-etched, mil-dot reticles, plus reliable waterproof and fog-proof performance. All Viridian optics come with an iron-clad Lifetime Warranty.

Red Dots/Sights 

Holosun 507C V2 and 407C V2

Holosun's new HS407K and HS507K micro sights are very compact, and each offer a serious suite of features to rival full-sized sights. The HS407K and HS507K pack a whopping 50,000 hours of battery life; they also feature Holosun’s Shake Awake technology, an auto on/auto-off feature that allows the optic to remain ready when you need it and conserve battery life when you don't. The HS407K uses a simple and accurate 6-MOA dot reticle, while the HS507K employs Holosun’s Multi-Reticle System, allowing the user to choose from a 2-MOA dot only, a 32-MOA ring only, or the combination of both.

Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight

Leupold’s new Freedom RDS (Red Dot Sight) is built for recreational shooters and hunters alike, and is available in two distinct models: one features capped precision ¼-MOA click adjustments; the other, a precision exposed BDC elevation turret that ships with measurements out to 500 yards for standard 55-grain .223 Rem. ammunition. The RDS is designed to install easily with an included mount that sits at the optimal sight height on AR-style rifles. The RDS can also be removed from the included mount and re-mounted using any 34mm rings. Both RDS models feature a 1-MOA dot reticle that’s supported by Leupold’s battery-saving Motion Sensor Technology, which puts the sight into a battery-saving standby mode after five minutes of inaction and instantly re-activates the sight at the slightest movement.

Steiner T-Series Tactical Sights AR Platforms The new T-Series tactical sights from Steiner are tough, compact optics especially designed for AR platforms. Designed for close- and medium-range engagements, the T-Series Rapid Red Dot optics provide fast, clear and illuminated aiming points in all light conditions, and are offered in three fixed magnification levels: 3x, 4x and 5x. T-Series sights incorporate a fully illuminated, daylight Ballistic Rapid Dot 5.56 or 7.62 Reticle with accurate holdover marks out to 600 yards. It also features 10 brightness levels. The T332 offers up to 50 MOA of elevation and windage adjustability, the T432 and T536 up to 40 and 35 MOA adjustability, respectively. They are shockproof, fog-proof and waterproof up to 10 meters with fully multicoated lenses for brightness and clarity.

TruGlo Expands Tru-Tec Micro Optic Line

TruGlo introduces three new models in the company’s popular Tru-Tec Micro Optics Series:

  • Tru-Tec Micro with 45-degree mount, especially designed for competitors and tactical shooters as a co-witness sight;
  • Tru-Tec Micro with rear sight dovetail adapter for Glock pistols, allowing you to add the Micro to a Glock pistol without cutting the slide;
  • Tru-Tec Micro with Green Dot, offering a 3-MOA green-dot reticle for shooters who prefer a green aiming point over red; 
  • And, Tru-Tec Micro with RMR Footprint, which is compatible with Trijicon RMR-style mounts and accessories, including optic-ready pistol slides.

Range Finders

Halo Optics CL300 Laser Rangefinder

Halo Optics introduces the new CL300 laser rangefinder, ideal for ranging non- reflective targets quickly and accurately, and designed with the bowhunter in mind. The CL300 excels at determining moderate ranges (10 to 50 yards), with the hunter in a tree stand. The optic’s lightweight, minimalist construction stows easily in a chest pocket or pack and delivers ranging precision to +/- 1 yard of the target. The 5x magnification is plenty to assess and range shooting lanes, too, and has a maximum ranging distance of 600 yards on reflective targets.

Kahles Helia RF-M Range Finding Monocular

The new Kahles Helia RF-M (Range Finding Monocular) 7x25 offers an ergonomic design, simple handling, easy menu navigation and a large field of view. The latter includes a field of view of 117 yards at 1,000 yards. This unit is capable of easy and reliable targeting up to 2,000 yards, while featuring exceptional edge-to-edge clarity.  The premium quality OLED display has five brightness settings, as well as temperature and air pressure measurement. It runs on one CR2 battery, with battery life at approximately 4,000 ranging measurements.

Leupold RX-Fulldraw 4

The new Leupold RX-Fulldraw 4 uses Leupold’s Archer’s Advantage software, with inputs for draw weight, arrow velocity, and peep height to calculate extremely accurate ballistic solutions. A short-range, high-angle shot or extended-range, moderate-angle shot? Both are situations faced by competitive 3-D archery shooters and hunters, and the RX-Fulldraw 4 delivers in both scenarios. It also includes Flightpath technology, using the same ballistic solution to determine if an arrow will clear obstructions between shooter and target. Bow specific settings, meanwhile, provide shoot-to distances out to 175 yards. 

Sector Optics F1 Rangefinder

The F1 Rangefinder is Sector Optics’ very first standalone laser rangefinder. Much of the technology within the new F1 Rangefinder was previously integrated into the Sector Optics T2 Thermal Imager/Rangefinder. For 2020, the company has introduced this laser range finding technology in an ergonomic separate product. With a clean, ultra-light shape reminiscent of a small flashlight, the F1 transforms any riflescope into a laser rangefinding riflescope. The easy-to-read display gives you both linear range as well as horizontal equivalent distances well over 1,000 yards. The entire unit is powered by a single CR123 battery. It’s designed especially to pair with Sector’s new G1 riflescope.


Leica Geovid 3200 

The new Leica Geovid 3200 with Bluetooth measures precisely to a true 3,200 yards on non-reflective targets. Industry leading optical quality and a rugged sleek design gives the new Geovid a long life and lasting value. Using the new Leica Hunting App, the Geovid 3200 can be quickly and easily adjusted and managed. Linking to a “Kestrel Elite” wind meter also allows you to utilize advanced “Applied Ballistics” incorporating your personalized ballistic values. On board sensors even give air pressure, temperature and angle readings.

Meopta MeoPro Air

Meopta USA Sport Optics’ new MeoPro Air binoculars are available in 8x42 and 10x42 models. They sport an ergonomic, open-hinge design and lightweight magnesium-alloy chassis built to withstand rugged field conditions. ED glass with Meopta’s proprietary lens coating delivers edge-to-edge clarity and exceptionally bright, sharp images while virtually eliminating chromatic aberration. The Air binoculars feature Meopta’s MeoShield anti-abrasion lens coatings and MeoDrop hydrophobic lens coatings, which repel rain, dust, and grease from lens surfaces. They are nitrogen-purged and fully sealed for fog proof and waterproof performance in the most demanding conditions.

Steiner T-Series Binoculars

Steiner’s two new T-Series binoculars, T856 and T750, feature porro prisms, the Steiner Sports-Auto Focus and Steiner’s Universal MIL Reticle which offers users fine graduations to accurately measure target size and distance. Steiner’s proprietary lens coatings provide unmatched low-light details with 96% or more light transmission. Steiner rates the T856 model in low-light observation as providing an astounding 21.2 twilight factor at 8x magnification. The T750 model is the slightly more compact option. Both models are military tough, with polycarbonate frame and NBR long-life rubber armoring. They’re also nitrogen-filled, waterproof, fog proof and submersible up to 5 meters for the T856 and 1 meter for the T750.


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