Top 10 Tactical Retailer Articles of 2023

From articles on guns to knives to business advice and...well, more guns, here are our picks for the top Tac Retailer stories of 2023.

Top 10 Tactical Retailer Articles of 2023

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Our editors sat down, crunched some analytics data and just plain old picked some favorites, and came up with this list of what we consider the highest-performing, most popular, most interesting and most well-written articles of the year. Did your favorite make the list?

10. Today’s Hot Trends in EDC Knives

This list is dominated by gun topics, but your customers carry something else on a daily basis — a knife. This article on selling EDC knives according to the latest trends is a good read and was popular with retailers this year.

9. 8 Goals for Building a Better Bug-Out Bag

We’re not saying all your shoppers are preppers, but some definitely are, and regardless, a little preparedness is good for everyone. This guide to building a better bug-out bag will help your customers stock up on essentials for a SHTF scenario.

8. Is Your Gun Shop ADA Compliant?

While this wasn’t the best performer of 2023, it’s important for range and shop owners to understand the information presented here. Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act isn’t just a requirement — it’s actually a huge sales opportunity.

7. Reviewed: Ruger LC Carbine 5.7x28

Gun reviews are always popular, and our little-bit-salacious “could this replace the AR-15 as a home defense gun?” teaser probably helped boost views on the review of this Ruger carbine.

6. 2023 Ammunition: Top 10 Cartridges to Hit Higher Sales

The irony of a top 10 list making our year-end top 10 list is not lost on us, but what can we say? Retailers loved this rundown of must-stock ammo that includes everything from Hornady’s hot new 7mm PRC to Norma’s Self Defense NXD 65-grain 9mm Luger,

5. Glock 26 Gen 5: The Next Generation of Refinement

The original king of polymer pistols, Glock, always draws eyeballs, and readers loved this look at the latest generation of the popular G26.

4.  Reviewed: Savage Renegauge Security Shotguns

Who doesn’t love a defensive shotgun? Savage crushed it this year with the Renegauge line, so it only makes sense that this story makes it toward the top of our list.

3. Reviewed: Tikka T3x CTR

We get it — everyone likes a gun review! Author Max Archer’s in-depth look at this compact tactical rifle was a major hit with readers, and we hope the gun is a hit with shoppers in your store.

2. 5 New Micro 9mms You Haven’t Seen Yet

This article covered new micro 9’s from companies you probably hadn’t heard of before, which is what makes it unique.

1. How to Install an Arca-Swiss Rail on a Bolt-Action Rifle

This article blew up for reasons known only to Google, probably, but a lot of readers found its step-by-step instructions very helpful.



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