Check Out These Best-Selling Suppressors From SilencerCo and Sig

Looking for some popular suppressors to stock? Try these models.

Check Out These Best-Selling Suppressors From SilencerCo and Sig

SilencerCo's Sparrow 22

There are a number of good suppressor makers in the market today, but we’ll focus on two top brands that sell via retail distribution.

SilencerCo’s most popular suppressor is the Omega 36M. It is modular, versatile and runs on everything from .338 Lapua down to .22 Hornet on rifles and 9mm on pistols. The company’s Omega 46M, the 36M’s big brother, is ideal for big-bore rifles up to .45/70 and pistols larger than 9mm.

The company’s Harvester Evo model was designed primarily for hunters and is embraced by hunters, precision shooters and long-range shooters. Plus, the company’s Sparrow 22 — the first suppressor made by SilencerCo — runs on guns from 5.7x28mm down to .22 long and is still a very popular model, especially for rimfire shooters.

Sig Sauer, a longtime giant in the firearms industry, has also jumped into the suppressor game with both feet and is producing some very nice models. Among the company’s top suppressors is the new SLX Series of rifle suppressors. The SLX series is a performance-based suppressor designed for use with supersonic ammunition and ideal for users focused on flash reduction and lower toxic fumes. 

Sig’s SLH Series, which is ideal for shooters who use both supersonic and subsonic ammunition, is optimized for sound reduction. It, like the SLX series, features the company’s new Clutch-LOK QD mounting system, making it easy to remove and mount the units for different purposes.

Finally, Sig’s ModX-9 is made for 9mm pistols and has become a favorite of many who choose to shoot their pistols suppressed.



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