Which is Best: Factory Ammo or Reloads?

Help your customers understand the cost variables involved with reloading their own ammunition.

Which is Best: Factory Ammo or Reloads?

This Arisaka 99 rifle is what got the author into reloading. With hard-to-find ammunition costing more than $2 per round, the payback was a no-brainer. (Photo: Tom McHale)

You undoubtedly have customers who question whether reloading their own ammunition makes financial sense.

Reloading ammunition saves you a lot of money. Or, reloading will cost you the same as buying factory ammo, but you’ll shoot more.

So, which is it?

Both, actually. This admittedly vague answer depends on a lot of variables including the ammunition you intend to reload, the components you use, how you account for the cost of reloading equipment, and how you assign...

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