Steady Income: Selling Gun Cleaning Supplies

Gun cleaning and maintenance items can be a steady source of sales if you’re stocking the right supplies.

Steady Income: Selling Gun Cleaning Supplies

If there was anything I learned in Marine Corps boot camp, aside from how to stop moving, how to run and how to keep my mouth shut, it was how (and why) to clean my service rifle. As a result, some may argue I clean my firearms too often — I’m certainly guilty of keeping them pristine on the inside and much rougher looking on the outside. I am hard on my guns, but because of cleaning and maintenance, I know I can rely upon them every time I squeeze their triggers.

More importantly, firearms, whether many for a collection or one for defense, are investments. And regardless of why your customers pull triggers — training, a defense scenario, recreation, hunting, competition — they need to know their firearms are prepared to perform and do so at levels at or above their expectations. Of course, such cause-and-effect relationships often are the results of firearm care: in a nutshell, proper cleaning and maintenance. This is where you come in!

You are the trusted behind-the-counter professional your customers depend on for in-stock items and advice. Providing both services well, builds relationships with customers, brings them back into your store and increases new traffic based upon reviews and recommendations. Check out these cleaning and maintenance products sure to trigger more squeaky-clean sales.


Real Avid Handgun Master Cleaning Station

If your handgunning customers are looking for a comprehensive pistol-only cleaning kit, Real Avid comes the rescue with the Handgun Master Cleaning Station. This pistol-inspired version offers an innovative rollup tool case/mat configuration and a full array of tools for handgun calibers ranging from .22 to 45 caliber. The protective, slip-resistant mat measures 19x16 inches, plenty of room for disassembly and layout of pistol parts. Designed to handle sub-compacts to full-size pistols with long barrels, the Handgun Master Cleaning Station includes a 10-inch cleaning rod with a T-handle.


Real Avid AR15 Tool

When it comes to all-in-one maintenance, the Real Avid AR15 Tool is tough to beat! This 37-in-1 tactical gun multi-tool houses everything you need for critical field cleaning, repairs and maintenance and is designed to handle most jobs short of a complete AR tear-down. The AR15 Tool boasts slip-resistant, textured grips; a carbon scraper designed to clean the 12 critical surfaces of a bolt carrier group; driver and 12 driver bits; 3.25-inch serrated tanto blade; bolt override tool; needle-nose pliers; carbide cutter; pin punch and pick compatible with 8-32 cleaning tools adapters; tap hammer; 4- or 5-pin front-sight adjuster and a glass breaker. For convenience, everything is packed in a MOLLE-compatible, ballistic-nylon sheath.


Otis AR Elite Range Box

Today, AR-platform firearms reign supreme as Americas favorite modern sporting rifles, with roughly 20 million in the hands of law-abiding citizens — who also need to keep them clean and maintained. Enter the Otis AR Elite Range Box. This all-in-one range box boasts every tool one might need for comprehensive .223/5.56-caliber rifle cleanings and on-the-fly maintenance, including Otis’ MSR/B.O.N.E. Tool, star chamber cleaning tool with 50 pads, bore brushes and mops, Ripcord bore cleaning tool, brush pack, gun cloth and microfiber towel pack, Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP, 50 patches, sight adjustment tool and a lens cleaning kit. The range box also doubles as a gun vise.


Otis Ripcord One-Pass Bore Cleaner

Otis’ Ripcord revolutionized firearm cleaning. Great for comprehensive cleanings and perfect for on-the-fly work, the Ripcord is a flexible bore cleaner designed to be pulled through the bore, breech first, even while the barrel is hot (rated up to 700 degrees). The Ripcord features a helix-shaped rubber core and rigid, braided Nomex exterior purposed in catching and extracting debris. For convenience, Ripcords can be wrapped and stowed in small storage bags or containers. For multiple firearms, Otis’ Ripcord Multi-Caliber 10-Pack is a great, affordable cleaning solution.

Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

Picking out the right tool for the job is important. Not all cleaning rods are the same. Some are coated and often are designed for specific bore diameters and barrel lengths. For most shooters, a perfect choice is a Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod. Carbon fiber is softer than the metal in the barrel, and this prevents the potential for damaging the barrel. Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods feature a free-floating handle, full shank and are available in handgun, rifle and shotgun lengths.


Hoppes Cleaning Patches

Cleaning patches are a must-have for firearm cleaning, and Hoppes Cleaning Patches are, arguably, the most popular, most recognizable brand in the industry; of course, the brand’s reputation for quality gun cleaning supplies makes these patches an easy stocking choice for retailers. Hoppes Cleaning Patches are cut for specific calibers and are available in synthetic or cotton.


Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner

A shooter and gunsmith favorite for nearly 120 years, Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaner is known for deep cleaning and removal of carbon, powder and other debris. Of course, one could argue it has the best gun cleaner scent on the market, too. It takes me back to days of old watching my father clean his rifles and is sure to illicit the same nostalgia and cleaning performance for your customers. It’s tough to imagine a gun shop not carrying Hoppe’s No. 9 — food for your retailing thoughts.

Hornady Hot Tube Sonic Cleaner

Used properly, the Hornady Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner can make firearm cleaning nearly effortless. Simply load the cleaner with dirty components, add the water-solution mix, set the time and temperature, and then wait. Once a cleaning cycle is complete, components generally only require a quick wipe-down. Ultrasonic cleaners provide the most comprehensive cleaning process available, reaching and cleaning areas nearly impossible to access. The Hornady Hot Tube Sonic Cleaner features a roomy inner tank, small parts basket, hanging cords and five temperature settings, from 100 to 140 degrees.


Shooter’s Choice Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

A good ultrasonic cleaner needs a great solvent, and Shooter’s Choice Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is a great option. Shooter’s Choice is a non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous cleaning solution designed to effectively remove fouling, oil, grease and other debris from delicate firearm components as well as cartridge cases (great for reloading), and is non-corrosive to aluminum and other metals.


Kroil Penetrating Oil

Used by professional gunsmiths and serious shooters, Kroil Penetrating Oil is an industry leader in removing rust, powder, copper and other debris while also lubricating components and displacing moisture. Of course, it’s also great for removing and cleaning rusted or seized nuts, bolts and screws.


Radcolube CLP

Short for cleaning, lubricant and protectant, Radcolube CLP does precisely as the name implies. Military tested and used, Radcolube CLP has proven effective in cleaning and lubricating; however, while most assume protection is short term, Radcolube also is a great long-term protectant. In the interest of testing in harsh environments, Radcolube also tests its solvent through 650 rounds to ensure rock-solid CLP reliability in extreme conditions.


FrogLube CLP

Retired Navy Seal Larry Lesky depended on his firearms more than most people may every comprehend. He knew what he liked, knew what he wanted and knew nothing like it existed in our marketplace. This was the nucleus of FrogLube. Today, FrogLube is one of the most popular CLP solutions among serious shooters, but for a different reason — health and safety. FrogLube CLP is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Yes, you can even taste it, but it’s pretty bitter (don’t ask me how I know). According to Lesky, Froglube CLP is safe for us and our furry friends, ensuring your customers’ peace of mind comes from more than simply cleaning, lubricating and protecting their firearms. And yes, it smells darn good, too.


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