STI International of Georgetown, TX, makers of top-end custom quality handguns, has introduced two new competition models to its 2011 line. The 2011 series takes everything that’s great about the good old 1911 and brings it into the modern age, delivering a gun with a solid foundation, time-tested performance, and all of today’s customization features that high-level competitors require to reach their potential. The DVC Limited and DVC Open models are designed to win right out of the box.

The two new pistols are new designs based on the 2011 platform, developed specifically for competitive shooting. They feature wider frames with full length dust covers that have added cuts for styling and improved balance. An all-new sear design breaks cleaning at 2.0 to 2.5 pounds. The hand textured grip has been reduced and undercut and all steel parts have been hard chromed for maximum durability and a sharp look. They use Dawson Precision tool-less guide rods, the first factory pistols to do so, and the 5-inch barrels have been coated with titanium nitride for hardness, lubricity, and longetivity.

The DVC Limited reduces weight by reducing the weight of the slide to help maintain balance, increase cycle rate, and reduce forward recoil for fast and accurate follow-ups. The front sight is a Dawson Precision fiber optic. The STI DVC Limited is available in .40 S&W or 9mm and has an MSRP of $2,799.

The DVC Open is a beefier gun that features an integrated Trubor-style compensator. Designers studied high-speed film of top shooters and custom compensators to develop a compensator that best minimizes muzzle jump and recoil during competitive shooting. The slide-racker is ambidextrous and the gun features a 6 MOA C-More sight, perfect for Open Division competition. The STI DVC Open is available in .38 Super or 9mm and has an MSRP of $3,699.