Notebook: Did You Notice The Sig Brace In The PWS Modern Musket Video?

Notebook: Did You Notice The Sig Brace In The PWS Modern Musket Video?

There's been some buzz on the interwebs this week on a cool video put out by precision AR-maker Primary Weapons Systems. It's a slick vid for sure, putting an attractive mom together with a studly former Marine husband and their toe-headed cool kid on a little good 'ole family backcountry plinking date.

I'm diggin' it a lot — and not just for the script and its message. But what's really cool (besides the really impactful logo PWS is using for their Modern Musket builds) is the dad's use of the Sig Brace on his PWS Modern Musket AR pistol.

There was some debate over whether the ATF would deem using the Sig Brace on the shoulder as a violation of restrictions on AR pistols. Folks were nervous that the ATF would deem shouldering the Sig Brace an illegal use on a pistol build. But a couple weeks ago, ATF send Sig a letter saying that as long as the brace was not modified in any way, the agency could not deem its use as such illegal. The ATF said it cannot enforce rules on firearms when they are not used in their intended use.

That's opened up new appeal for AR pistols since the Sig Brace makes use of the buffer tube without wasting it.

Might be another reason to stock those Sig Braces on your shelves — and maybe to get more into AR pistols with your retail sales.

And oh, notice the family's dog?


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