Everyday Defense: Thief Named 'Furious' Shot Outside 'The Cuban Store'

What's in your wallet? A relentless criminal was stopped with lethal force by a would-be victim at a local, busy family discount market.

Everyday Defense: Thief Named 'Furious' Shot Outside 'The Cuban Store'

A thief trying to pad his pockets didn't fare well after encountering a proponent of self-defense and concealed carry. (Photo: iStock)

A local family discount market popularly known as “The Cuban Store,” is a typically busy place of business and, unfortunately, the scene of a crime.

But that crime was ended by a would-be victim who had to use lethal force to stop a relentless criminal.  

We’ve all been in crowded stores. We’ve all been frustrated at such situations. But not all of us have abruptly noticed that our wallet was, suddenly, magically, missing. That’s what happened in this case. A man inside The Cuban Store reported that his wallet had been stolen. Quick-thinking employees reviewed surveillance footage from just moments before.  

From the footage, it was clear the man’s wallet had been stolen by the subject of today’s narrative: Furious Bernard Shell, age 26. The customer, accompanied by a store clerk, approached Shell and demanded he return the wallet. Naturally, Shell denied the claim and became vocal and physical toward the two people confronting him.  

Nearby was store patron Devonte Duga, age 25. Duga stepped in to attempt to stop the attack, specifically to protect the store clerk. At this point the scene shifted to outside of the market according to The Lakeland Ledger. Shell then threatened to kill Duga and displayed a handgun.  

Shell’s focus was now fully on Duga. The thief shoved the man and in rapid succession, struck him twice in the head with his handgun.  

Duga, not keen on becoming the victim of a violent crime, began to struggle with Shell over control of the handgun. And he gained that control, wrestling the gun away from the perpetrator. Duga then managed to fire four shots. Shell was struck four times. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later at 4:13 p.m. at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.

News source wfla.com reported that, “Police said the shooter claimed self-defense and is cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing.” 

Haines City Police Chief Jimi Elensky told theledger.com, “This is a truly unfortunate event. Our thoughts are with all of those involved and their families. Our relationship with this community is something that is very important to us. We implore anyone that may have any additional information about this case to please come forward.”

While police initially sought out more witnesses, Elensky reported that Duga was cooperating fully with the investigation, including making the statement that he was in fear for his life. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage provided by the business and interviewed available witnesses. They eventually decided that no charges would be filed against Devonte Duga.

Elensky clarified to fox13news.com, “It is definitely self-defense.” 

This is another reminder of how stupid actions often result in death. It is also another example of how there are still people in this world willing to stand up for not just themselves, but for their communities and for what is right. 


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