Everyday Defense: Thief Named 'Furious' Shot Outside 'The Cuban Store'

What's in your wallet? A relentless criminal was stopped with lethal force by a would-be victim at a local, busy family discount market.

Everyday Defense: Thief Named 'Furious' Shot Outside 'The Cuban Store'

A thief trying to pad his pockets didn't fare well after encountering a proponent of self-defense and concealed carry. (Photo: iStock)

A local family discount market popularly known as “The Cuban Store,” is a typically busy place of business and, unfortunately, the scene of a crime.

But that crime was ended by a would-be victim who had to use lethal force to stop a relentless criminal.  

We’ve all been in crowded stores. We’ve all been frustrated at such situations. But not all of us have abruptly noticed that our wallet was, suddenly, magically, missing. That’s what happened in this case. A man...

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