Must-See Tactical Optics

Reliable tactical optics take the worry out of close encounters of the perilous kind. Check out these options.

Must-See Tactical Optics

Hawke Frontier 30

When failure is not an option, tactical operators turn to those optical tools that won’t let them down in a time of crisis and provide the best odds for a positive outcome when the rubber meets the road. And this is the foundation for a new generation of tactical riflescopes that have hit the market in recent years, designed to excel in hostile environments and stand up to the rigors of active duty. Attributes of these durable special-duty optics include variable magnification range, generous eye relief, illuminated reticles, multicoated glass, zero-stop turrets, etc. — all constructed to operate flawlessly when the chips are down. So, when customers with a tactical bent come into your store or browse your website looking for street-smart optics, steer them toward these and other tried-and-true models.

Axeon Optics 1-6x24mm

Designed for close- to medium-range shooting, the Axeon Optics 1-6x24 30mm tube scope is compact and fitted with multicoated glass for optimum light transmission and fog-free operation. It’s made for speed and versatility, so MSR shooters can engage targets from point-blank to extended range with a turn of the magnification dial, and it has a clear mil-dot-style reticle with dot-to-dot subtensions measured at 1.66 mil or 5.6 MOA at the 6X magnification setting. This scope also has a fixed parallax setting of 100 yards, 3.5 inches of eye relief and flip-up lens caps. Like all Axeon Optics scopes, the 1-6x24mm comes with the company’s limited lifetime warranty. MSRP: $179.99.


Black Diamond Optics Long-Range Tactical

The Long-Range 5-25x56mm Tactical riflescope from Black Diamond is a one-piece design built on a 30mm tube. It features fully adjustable ¼-MOA turrets that can be locked into place with a simple push to keep them secure from accidental movement. It has side parallax adjustments from 25 yards to infinity and an illuminated reticle that is shockproof and waterproof. The MOA reticle offers 2-MOA elevation reference lines and 1-MOA left and right windage reference lines, allowing for quick adjustments while the scope is on target. Fully multicoated European high-definition glass provides excellent light transmission, bright images and exceptional color. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. MSRP: $979.


EOTech Vudu 1-10x28mm

The new Vudu 1-10x28mm first focal plane riflescope provides uncompromising targeting from extremely close- to long-range distances. It features a robust 34mm one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and single-piece eyepiece that includes a removable throw lever for fast changes in magnification. It also includes a low-profile elevation turret with a push/pull locking system for a secure zero and a capped windage turret. Weighing just 21.3 ounces, the Vudu 1-10x28mm has an overall length of 10.63 inches. Its illuminated, glass-etched reticle and first focal plane design allow for distance estimation at any magnification and lighting condition. MSRP: $1,799.


German Precision Optics 4.5-27x50i GPOTAC

German Precision Optics (GPO) has entered the high magnification first focal plane riflescope market with its new premium tactical GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i FFP, featuring a 50mm double HD objective lens system for enhanced resolution coupled with GPObright high transmission lens coatings. Its 34mm main tube maximizes optical performance while supporting incremental elevation adjustment capabilities. It is crafted from a solid, one-piece, dust-proof, waterproof, nitrogen-filled body for strength and durability. An illuminated mil-spec LRpro magnifying reticle powered by the GPO iCONTROL illumination system assists the shooter in even the lowest light conditions. Custom designed turrets are mil-based and include a zero-stop system. It comes with a throw lever, cleaning cloth, see-through bikini ocular, objective lens scope covers and an extra CR2032 battery. MSRP: $1,499.99.


Hawke Optics Frontier 30 1-6x24mm

The Frontier 30 1-6x24mm tactical illuminated-dot reticle scope features a 21-layer fully multicoated optical system that produces bright, vivid sight pictures. Its waterproof, fogproof and shockproof construction ensures durability and reliability in harsh weather conditions, even when mounted on powerful-caliber guns. The Frontier’s glass-etched reticle has six brightness levels for a wide range of environmental conditions, with off positions in between each setting. Its zoom ring has a thumb lever for easy manipulation and a locking ocular for guaranteed holds. The 30mm one-piece aluminum mono-tube chassis allows 41 mrad of elevation and windage adjustment at 1/10 mrad per click of the low-profile, locking, zero-stop turrets. Focus/parallax is fixed at 100 yards and field of view is 112.8 to 18.9 feet at 100 yards. MSRP: $729.


Leapers UTG 1-8x28mm MRC

Leapers’ UTG 1-8x28mm MRC riflescope is built on a 30mm tube and features emerald lens coatings to achieve maximum light transmission for optimum clarity. It is completely sealed and nitrogen-filled for shockproof, fogproof and rainproof performance. It includes a BG4 etched glass reticle with ballistic drop compensation and rangefinder markings out to 600 yards, with ballistic data based on common 5.56/.223 Rem. loads in modern sporting rifles. It also features premium zero lockable and resettable target turrets with precise ½-MOA-per-click adjustments and an innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) system to accommodate all weather/light conditions, and it comes complete with an Accu-Sync offset Picatinny ring mount and flip-up lens covers. MSRP: $219.97.


Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm

The ultra-lightweight, low-profile design of the 1-6x24mm Patrol 6HD riflescope from Leupold lets users engage targets anywhere, from tight corners to open fields — with two available models, both with a 30mm main tube and rear focal plane configuration. One features ¼-MOA adjustments using a traditional capped dial and is equipped with an illuminated FireDot duplex reticle. The other also has ¼-MOA adjustments but comes with Leupold’s CDS-ZL2 dial system, allowing two full turns of elevation adjustment with a locking dial. The Patrol 6HD features Leupold’s Professional-Grade optical system, which delivers the light transmission, glare reduction and resolution professional shooters demand. An anti-cant in-scope electronic reticle level simplifies mounting and improves long-range accuracy. Retail: $1,499.99.


Osprey Global Tactical 10-40x50mm

Designed for long-range shooting and featuring generous eye relief, the Tactical 10-40x50mm MDG/IRF riflescope from Osprey Global was engineered for toughness, accuracy and ease of use. The Osprey Tactical line features Hoya Japanese lenses, exposed audible target turrets and illuminated reticles and are bonded with two-part epoxy to ensure they are fully waterproof and shockproof — able to handle the recoil from larger-caliber rifles. With optional sunshades, quick-throw levers and bullet-drop compensators, this scope is a fit for any long-range tactical application. It comes with mounting rings and see-through flip-up dust covers and is backed by Osprey’s no-nonsense lifetime warranty. MSRP: $449.


Riton Optics X1 Conquer 6-24x50mm FFP/EMBARGO/January Launch

The X1 Conquer 6-24x50mm riflescope was designed for long-range shooting at a value price. Built on a 1-inch tube, it features a first focal plane (FFP) illuminated Christmas-tree-style reticle, exposed Riton R3 zero-stop turrets and integrated throw lever. It is 100 percent waterproof, fogproof and shockproof — dry nitrogen purged and sealed to ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions for the life of the optic. It utilizes Riton High Density (HD) glass to deliver 99.5 percent light transmission for enhanced clarity and an optimal sight picture, and its fully multicoated lenses offer increased light transmission. The X1 Conquer weighs in at 1.7 pounds and its field of view at 100 yards is 4 to 16.7 feet. MSRP: $499.99.


Sig Sauer Tango6T 1-6x24mm

The Sig Sauer Tango6T tactical riflescope, selected for the U.S. Army squad designated marksman rifle, is now available for civilian purchase — a 1-6X variable-magnification riflescope that enables engagement of both close-quarter and extended-range targets. Proven to withstand the rigors of U.S. military testing, it exceeds the highest standards for ruggedization, range and accuracy, making it a great choice for military and civilian use alike and a good choice for tactical engagements, 3-gun competition and hunting. The Tango6T 1-6x24mm is available in first and second focal plane models with Sig Sauer’s HDX optical system for extreme clarity and lowlight performance and Hellfire fiber-optic and glass-etched illuminated reticles. MSRP: $1,429.99-$1,539.99.


Sightmark Presidio 1-6x24mm CR1

Offering a wide magnification range for close- to mid-range shooting, the Presidio 1-6x24mm riflescope combines impressive performance with an aggressive yet sleek appearance. It features a second focal plane BDC reticle calibrated for .223 Rem. 55-grain loads, red reticle illumination for contrast against targets in low light, and fully multicoated glass. Capped, low-profile turrets protect the zero and provide precise ½-MOA-per-click windage and elevation adjustments. The IP67 waterproof-rated 30mm single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum construction delivers rugged reliability in extreme environments, while a single 2032 battery provides 150 to 500 hours of battery life. Ideal for a variety of firearms, including ARs and bolt-action rifles, the Presidio 1-6x24mm CR1 includes flip-up lens caps, integrated throw lever and one CR2032 battery. MSRP: $359.99.


Sightron S6 1-6x24mm/EMBARGO Till SHOT

Sightron’s premium S6 1-6x24mm full-featured second focal plane (SFP) and first focal plane (FFP) riflescopes are built on lightweight aircraft aluminum 30mm and 34mm tubes, featuring premium Japanese glass with Sightron’s proprietary MC-777 multicoating technology for enhanced clarity, light transmission, color accuracy and sharpness. Generous eye relief and a forgiving eye box provide fast target acquisition and easy monitoring of surroundings. Turrets are resettable to zero with 140 MOA (SFP) / 35 mrad (FFP) adjustments for the most extreme shooting conditions. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides constant, positive and flush contact that eliminates drift at any windage and elevation adjustment. S6 1-6x24mm riflescopes are an excellent choice for AR-platform rifles — a great high-performance option for medium-range tactical needs. MSRP: NA. 


Trijicon Credo/Credo HX

Trijicon’s Credo/Credo HX riflescopes — engineered for tactical and competitive shooters — feature a clear sight picture, illuminated reticles and rugged durability, with a full range of reticle choices and first and second focal plane options. With adjusters that are precision engineered for crisp, repeatable windage and elevation control, Credo HX models offer rapid both-eyes-open target acquisition in any light conditions, as well as pinpoint accuracy and a tough-as-nails construction, with six fast and intuitive LED-illuminated reticles available. Using fully multicoated broadband anti-reflective glass, all Credo/Credo HX models offer edge-to-edge clarity with excellent light transmission, as well as true detail and color with zero distortion. Easy-grip controls deliver fast, intuitive adjustments, while a repositionable magnification lever accommodates different shooting positions and rifle configurations. MSRP: $799-$1,799. 


U.S. Optics TS-8X

The USO TS-8X 1-8x24mm riflescope is a versatile short-range variable-power optic that features a 30mm tube, 24mm objective lens, first and second focal plane illuminated reticle and capped zeroing elevation and windage knobs. Reticle selection caters to competitor shooters and hunters, with JNG mil and the RBR (Rapid Ballistic Reticle) options. The TS-8X has an exit pupil diameter of 3mm, parallax fixed at 100 yards and 3.75 inches of eye relief, and it delivers durability, reliability and optical clarity at a value price point. It comes with a matte black finish and overall length is 10.5 inches. MSRP: $795/FFP; $695/SFP.


Zeiss LRP S5

Built on a sturdy 34mm main tube, the new Zeiss LRP S5 riflescope features high-performance optics, total elevation travel and highly repeatable, precise and tactile turrets as part of a compact and heavy-duty design with a daytime visible illuminated reticle. It has two new first focal plane reticle designs, available with either milliradian (mrad) or minute-of-angle (MOA) adjustments and in four unique configurations. The premium optical design utilizes fluoride lens elements, Schott glass and proprietary T-Star lens coatings for optimum color fidelity, image brightness, exceptional resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness within the entire field of view. The LRP S5 delivers 90 percent light transmission to the eye, clearer visuals, faster target identification and validation of the finer details downrange. MSRP: $3,299.99-$3,599.99.


Zero Compromise Optic ZC527

The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56mm riflescope is a great solution for close- and long-range tactical target engagements, with a generous 21-foot field of view at its 5X setting and ample magnification at 27X to engage long-range targets. The ZC527 is built field tough, with hardened steel components in high wear areas such as the internal click mechanisms for the elevation and windage turrets to ensure a lifetime of repeatable adjustment. Optical lenses are mechanically locked in place as well as bonded along the edges for structural integrity. Weighing in at 37.9 ounces and measuring 15.24 inches in length, the ZC527 is built on a 36mm tube and comes in four illuminated first focal plane reticles. MSRP: $3,980.


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