Gear Roundup: Red-Dot Sights

For a sighting solution that provides quick and intuitive operation in a wide variety of tactical shooting situations, more and more shooters are turning to red-dot sights.

Gear Roundup: Red-Dot Sights

The Bushnell RXS-100

When things get ugly and the situation calls for a reliable and intuitive means of calming the waters, shooters know they can rely on red-dot sights to provide quick and efficient target acquisition. That’s why they are seen on so many tactical/personal-defense firearms these days. Appropriate for rifle, AR, shotgun and handgun platforms, these sights are a great addition to any tactical firearm. Will you have the right models available when customers come looking to upgrade the sights on their personal defense firearms? Here’s a list of models that your store shouldn’t be without.


Bushnell RXS-100 (pictured above)

The Bushnell RXS-100 red-dot sight features multi-platform versatility with its DeltaPoint Pro mounting pattern, daylight bright 4-MOA dot with eight settings, side battery door, up to 5,000 hours of battery life and an included Weaver-style low-rise mount. It is compatible with optics-ready pistols and is a desirable option for a wide variety of rifle and shotgun platforms. The new sight utilizes an energy-efficient, point-source LED to create a collimated beam for a clear, strong red dot and features a 12-hour auto-off timer to extend battery life. It has a rugged, aircraft-grade-aluminum housing that keeps glass and electronic internal components protected against recoil and rough field use. An oversized hood helps reduce glare and enhances lens durability. MSRP: $99.99.


Burris FastFire 4

One of two additions to Burris’ FastFire line of red-dot sights, the FastFire 4 features multiple reticle options, increased brightness, improved battery life and a new housing that provides increased impact resistance and a larger sight window for a greater field of view. Shooters can select from four versatile sighting options suitable for multiple shooting scenarios through the quickly accessible side toggle buttons. A removable weather shield ensures a watertight enclosure for a clear sight picture in any lighting condition on all types of firearms. The FastFire 4 sports parallax-free glass for maximum accuracy and new lens coating technology to maintain red-dot visibility without color distortion. An automatic brightness sensor adjusts the red dot to match environmental conditions. MSRP: $455.


EOTech HWS EXPS2 Green

Taking up just 2.75 inches of rail space, EOTech’s EXPS2-Green holographic sight features green-reticle technology — approximately five times easier to see than red in daylight — and leaves plenty of room for adding a magnifier and other attachments. It delivers durable, lower third iron sight co-witness and has ergonomic side-button adjustment, all in a rock-solid unit with an adjustable, quick-detach locking lever. Weighing just 11.2 ounces, the EXPS2 has 20 daylight settings, is water resistant up to 10-foot depths, and mounts to a 1-inch Weaver or Mil-Std 1913 rail. It gets 600 continuous hours of operation at nominal setting 12 at room temperature from one CR123 battery. Non night-vision compatible. MSRP: $725.


Hawke Optics Endurance

Red-dot sights allow for lightning-fast target acquisition and preciseness. This makes them popular with hunters and tactical shooters for all types of firearms, including rifles, ARs, shotguns, revolvers and pistols. Hawke developed its new Endurance red-dot sights to meet the demands of these shooters. They have a 3-MOA red dot with eight-stage digital brightness controls, so shooters can match lighting and shooting conditions and come in 25mm and 30mm body sizes — both with 25-layer multicoated optics for ultimate clarity and parallax-free operation from 10 yards. Endurance red-dot sights come with two Weaver-style bases: a low mount ideal for shotguns and pistols and a quick-detach high mount for co-witnessing AR iron sights. MSRP: $189-$209.


Leica Tempus ASPH

Leica has designed its Tempus ASPH red-dot sight for speed, precision and safety — with an aspheric lens that ensures a sharp and brilliant illuminated dot, extremely high image quality and outstanding viewing comfort. Its crisp illuminated dot allows the shooter to acquire a target with significantly greater speed and precision than with standard sight solutions — independent from the angle of the shooter when aiming. True-to-life colors and superior light transmission provide a clear, high-contrast image that maximizes comfort and safety. The Tempus ASPH is available in two illuminated dot sizes — 2 MOA and 3.5 MOA. MSRP: $639.


Leupold DeltaPoint Micro

The DeltaPoint Micro from Leupold is a fully enclosed, low-profile red-dot sight specifically designed for concealed carry and other personal defense firearms. Featuring a compact and revolutionary new design that is easy to conceal, the DP-Micro mounts directly to the rear sight dovetail and sits at the same height as factory iron sights. Its red dot aligns with the front sight, delivering rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. Current models fit only Glock models and Smith & Wesson M&P handguns. Lightweight and rugged, the DeltaPoint Micro is 2.25 inches in length and 1.25 inches in height, while weighing in at just 1.1 ounces. Its DiamondCoat II scratch-resistant lenses and fully enclosed LED stand up to the roughest conditions. Retail: $399.99.


Meprolight RDS Pro V2

Born out of necessity, red-dot optics revolutionized rifle aiming solutions for close-quarter battle engagements. The latest and most technical Mil-Spec red-dot optic from Meprolight, the Mepro RDS Pro V2, features 16 levels of brightness for any lighting condition, and shooters can choose from three red or green reticle patterns — 2.0-MOA dot, Bull’s-eye with 2-MOA dot/4.3 circle or 300 Blackout. The sight provides thousands of hours of use from a single AA battery depending on the level of reticle brightness selected and operates under extreme weather conditions. It is battle-proven and trusted by militaries, law enforcement agencies and professional shooters worldwide. It utilizes a Picatinny rail mounting system and is compatible with NVGs and magnifying scopes. MSRP: $599.99.

Riton Optics X3 Tactix MPRD

A smaller-frame version of Riton Optics’ X3 Tactix PRD, the X3 Tactix MPRD micro red-dot pistol sight handles the most rugged user applications while also providing a high level of functionality and value. It is made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and has fully multicoated HD glass lenses for optimal clarity and long-lasting performance. It is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof up to 1,500Gs. With a Shield RMS-c footprint, the X3 Tactix MPRD features an ultra-precise 3-MOA dot, 10 levels of red illumination and auto shut-off after 12 hours. Utilizing one CR2032 battery, this red-dot sight has an approximate battery life of 50,000 hours. MSRP: $299.99.


Sightmark Element Mini Solar

The new Sightmark Element Mini Solar red-dot sight combines solar and battery power to provide a true dual-power system with uninterrupted operation. And forget messing with reticle brightness — an innovative Eclipse light management system auto dims and brightens the red-dot reticle based on the environment. Powered by solar cells positioned directly on top of the optic housing and a single CR2032 battery, the Element provides users the choice of which power source works best for their situation. Its 3-MOA red-dot reticle and 120-MOA elevation and 160-MOA windage adjustments make the Element ideal for a wide variety of shooting scenarios and distances. It includes a low Picatinny mount and absolute co-witness mount. MSRP: $239.99.


Sightron S33 1x33mm

The shockproof Sightron S33 1x33mm illuminated red-dot handgun sight comes with an assortment of four reticles — dot, circle dot, crosshair and circle-dot crosshair — for a variety of shooting applications, as well as 11 brightness levels for different light levels and backgrounds. Brightness adjustment, reticle selector knob and battery replacement can all be done conveniently from the side of the sight. The S33 employs Sightron’s 100 percent sealed system, ensuring a lifetime of performance in the most extreme environmental conditions, and fully multicoated lenses provide optical quality and light transmission. It is waterproof and nitrogen gas charged to provide a lifetime of use free from fogging and internal water buildup. MSRP: $499.99.


Sig Sauer Romeo2

The Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Romeo2 is built for use in adverse conditions and features a high-efficiency, point-source LED emitter and molded aspheric glass lens, utilizing a high-performance red notch reflector coating for excellent brightness and light transmission with zero distortion. Special coatings and reticle settings allow the sight to be compatible with Gen 3 night-vision devices. Available with either a 3-MOA or a 6-MOA red dot, it has 15 brightness settings that ensure rapid target engagement with both eyes open. The Romeo2 features the Sig Sauer-exclusive Motac Motion Activated Illumination System and magnetic activation technology — which utilizes a neodymium rare earth magnet in specially equipped holsters to automatically power up when unholstered and power down when holstered. MSRP: $779.99.


Steiner CQT

The Close Quarters Thermal (CQT) see-through sight from Steiner uses Clear Thermal technology that overlays onto a direct view of the real world. Designed for soldiers to use in close-quarters combat, the CQT with CVT is also the next-gen sight for predator hunters, allowing them to see wild hogs and coyotes in full dark conditions — thermal imaging to identify, red dot to target. Its rugged anodized housing can withstand any kind of hunt in all weather conditions. Compatible with flip-up magnifiers, the CQT combines a red-dot sight for day and thermal imaging for night. It features a 2.5-MOA red-dot reticle and three thermal modes, and it comes factory focused effective from 5 meters to infinity. MSRP: $10,499.


Trijicon RMRcc

The Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight is specifically designed to provide concealed carry confidence when split seconds matter — sporting a thinner, lower-profile design that reduces the risk of snags for a faster and easier draw. Although smaller, the RMRcc contains all of the great features of the Trijicon RMR and with the same reliability — easy-to-use buttons, a common CR2032 battery that provides up to four years of illumination, and a wide variety of mounts to fit today’s popular concealed-carry pistols. Other features include True-Color multicoated lens, easily adjustable windage/elevation, a unique housing shape that diverts force of an impact away from the lens, and eight brightness settings, including one super-bright mode and two night-vision modes. MSRP: $699.


Vortex Sparc Solar

The newest red-dot sight from Vortex Optics, the Sparc Solar, harnesses the power of the sun for up to 150,000 hours of battery life. Military and law enforcement officials will appreciate its exclusive Auto D-TEC technology that automatically detects ambient light conditions and switches between battery and solar power. The Sparc Solar is built on street-smart features, with an ultra-fine 2-MOA dot in an ultra-tough, single-piece chassis built to handle hard use. Plus, it is ready to adapt to any shooting scenario, with 12 brightness settings, 10 for daylight visibility and two for night-vision compatibility. Fully multicoated glass and a daylight bright dot combine to create lightning-fast target acquisition. MSRP: $359.99.


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