Tactical Industry News: Barrett Adds Zanders; ATF 4473 eStorage on AXIS POS

In the latest tactical shooting sports industry news, Barrett has added Zanders for expanded distribution and the first ATF 4473 eStorage is now available on AXIS POS.

Tactical Industry News: Barrett Adds Zanders; ATF 4473 eStorage on AXIS POS

Barrett is teaming with Zanders for expanded distribution of its firearms lines. (Photo: Barrett)

In the latest tactical shooting sports industry news:

Barrett has partnered with Zanders, one of the largest independently owned, single location firearm distributors in the country.

Leading the nation as a wholesale supplier, Zanders has been in business for more than 50 yars and sells only to federally licensed dealers. Zanders' goal is to be a dependable distributor helping dealers increase inventory, thus increasing profitability.

“Our customers have always come first, and we strive to go above and beyond their expectations every day,” said Stefanie Zanders. “Both old and new customers alike will enjoy our ever-growing inventory of outdoor products and accessories as well as our commitment to ensure their complete satisfaction.”

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company and the world leader in large-caliber, long-distance, precision rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products are used by civilians, sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 73 State Department approved countries around the world.

For more information about Zanders and their many dealer programs call (800)851-4373 or visit www.gzanders.com.

ATF 4473 eStorage Now Available on AXIS POS

Retail Technology Group (RTG) announces the first approved retail point of sale (POS) platform to provide electronic storage of ATF Form 4473. Firearm retailers seeking to transition from paper 4473 forms to eStorage may contact RTG for a demonstration.

RTG, Orchid Advisors, ATF and Tactical Solutions of Waite Park, Minn., worked together for several months on the development of this technology and the creation of an approved ATF Variance template. Final approval to proceed with other RTG AXIS POS users was granted on Sept. 27, 2019.

“Paper reduction has long-been a focus of our retailers and the government alike,” said Retail Technology Group CEO Jon Rydberg. “We’re honored to have worked with these entities to revolutionize how ATF F 4473s are managed in a retail environment. As one of our retailers recently stated, this is a really big stinking deal — it changes everything for gun stores and shooting range owners and operators.”

Orchid Advisors secured the first approved Variance for eStorage of ATF Form 4473 in April 2018 as part of a pilot program with the ATF and firearm retailer, Grab A Gun. Now, its sister companies — RTG and Gearfire, serving more than 65 percent of NSSF 5-Star Ranges and 2,000+ industry retailers — are able to bring this technology to more than 20,000 licensed U.S. retailers with a fully deployable technology platform.

AXIS POS becomes the first Retail Point of Sale software to offer 100 percent paperless Form 4473s while remaining ATF compliant. Whereas electronic 4473s helped to reduce paper previously, eStorage takes everything to a new level by eliminating the need to print completed forms. For retailers, the impact is reduced costs and increased control over regulatory documents. RTG’s ATF technology suite includes:

  • An integrated electronic bound book and e4473 application
  • eSignature to simplify interactions with customers
  • One-click, integrated eNICS checks (approved by the FBI)
  • eStorage of the completed e4473 forms
  • And, an ability to post and track corrections

Orchid Advisors has created a template variance, which must be signed by ATF prior to implementation of this technology.

For more information about the ATF e4473 eStorage, visit https://axisrms.com/atf-e4473-digital-storage.

Pulsar Returns to IACP in Chicago

Pulsar will exhibit at the 2019 International Association of Chiefs of Police conference and show(IACP), scheduled Oct. 26-29 at the McCormick Place West Convention Center in Chicago.

Attendees are invited to stop by Pulsar’s booth (#1345) to learn more about the brand’s innovative thermal imaging, digital night vision and other high-tech optics and accessories.

Pulsar will exhibit its new products, including the Thermion and Trail LRF thermal scopes, LExion and Axion thermal monoculars, and the Accolade thermal binoculars. Pulsar thermal imaging is designed to aid law enforcement and first responders in search and rescue missions, surveillance and security.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders. With more than 30,000 members in 150 countries, the IACP is a recognized leader in global policing, committed to advancing safer communities through thoughtful, progressive police leadership.

If you are a dealer and to speak to someone about pre-orders or becoming a new authorized Pulsar dealer please contact sales@pulsarnv.com.

Catalyst Arms Bag Rider for Ruger Precision Rifles

Catalyst Arms has introduced the Apex Bag Rider for the rear stock of the Ruger Precision Rifle to help RPR shooters improve shooting position stability and make rapid elevation aiming adjustments.

The Apex is wider than the factory bottom Picatinny rail, providing better support on bags, packs or even the support hand, to help remain steady while taking a shot. To help get on target the Apex Bag Rider’s angled shape allows for generous amount of rapid elevation adjustment. Simply slide your rear support bag forward or backward to raise or lower the butt stock.  This lets the stock rest on the bag rather than relying on uneven applied grip pressure to maintain the desired shooting position. 

The Apex bag rider is the latest in true RPR performance upgrades from Catalyst Arms. These include the Mag Release Extension, Hammerhead Bolt Knob and Fast Track arca rail handguard.

The Apex fits short action and magnum action Ruger Precision Rifles. It slides over the factory bottom Picatinny rail and is locked down with a single screw without any modification or disassembly of the rifle. Designed specifically for the Ruger Precision Rifle stock it is lightweight and snag resistant.

The new Catalyst Arms Apex Bag Rider is now available, is made from Nylon 11, available in matte black and has an MSRP of $44.95.

Spaces Available for Industry Day at the Range

Industry Day at the Range, the largest and most influential one-day shooting and demo event in the hunting and shooting sports industry, invites potential exhibitors to register before Oct. 31, 2019.

The 15th annual Industry Day at the Range will take place Jan. 20 at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City, Nev. That's one day prior to SHOT Show. Remaining exhibitor opportunities for Industry Day at the Range include:  

— 10x10 shooting area

— 100-yard rifle

— 200-500-yard rifle

— 100-1,000-yard rifle

— Shotgun (clay targets)

— Shared exclusive bay

— 25-yard full-auto capability

 — Media Lunch Sponsorship: 100-yard Exclusive Bay

— Archery

— Airgun

— Less-lethal

— ATV/truck demo

— Show trailer space

— Non-shooting

The event allows media and buyers to see and handle product before SHOT Show begins, giving them an opportunity to sell new products through firsthand experience. Exhibiting manufacturers get a jump on their competition with early exposure to their most important accounts and have a chance to receive exclusive coverage from print, digital, broadcast and social media outlets. You do not need to be an exhibitor of SHOT Show to exhibit. 

For those interested in exhibiting in 2020, potential participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Exhibitor registration is expected to close on Oct. 31, 2019 or when spaces sell out.

More information can be found at SHOTShowRangeDay.com.

High Speed Gear Adds Sports South

High Speed Gear has expanded even further into the nation’s network of firearms retailers with the addition of Louisiana-based wholesale distributor Sports South, LLC.

“High Speed Gear is very pleased to add Sports South to our list of distributors," said Bill Babboni, HSGI® vice president of sales and operations. "Sports South is a key member of the firearms retail community and has an excellent reputation. HSGI® looks forward to working with Sports South to provide accessory retailers around the county with our Battle-Proven Tactical Gear.”

As the country’s oldest and largest distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories, Sports South, LLC maintains its leadership position through the relentless pursuit of new ideas and new thinking to drive long-term success and growth. With the nation’s largest concentration of shooting sports inventory from all the leading manufacturers under one roof, Sports South can deliver unmatched distribution services to its customers, including a wide range of High Speed Gear TACO pouches both MOLLE and belt mount.

Among the popular products from High Speed Gear now in stock and available from Sports South, LLC are the:


Dealers can place an order with Sports South, LLC. by calling 866-297-4676. To establish an account with Sports South, contact them through their website www.theshootingwarehouse.com.

Fix It Sticks Offers All-In-One Torque Driver

Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters, has introduced the All-In-One torque driver. Available in a complete kit or individually, the All-In-One provides six torque values most commonly used by expert and professional shooters into one compact driver.

Using the All-In-One is quick and easy because there are no settings to adjust or hassle with before use. Simply install any ¼” bit or socket as needed and tighten the fastener until the proper torque is achieved. A precise, graduated torque scale is laser etched on the side to indicate the torque value as it is applied. The settings marked on the side are 15in/lb, 25in/lb, 35in/lb, 45in/lb, 55in/lb and 65in/lb. The All-In-One can also be used to apply torque between the specified settings by watching the in/lb indicator as torque is being applied.

The kit comes with the Fix It Sticks T-handle wrench. This wrench works with any ¼” hex bit and is designed for portability or for using either as a standard T-handle, or bits can be inserted into the opposing T-handle ends for more torque. Included with the kit are a ½” socket and fifteen ¼” hex bits commonly used for scope mounts, actions screws and other firearm accessories. The entire kit is contained in a zippered soft carrying case with a molded bit holder designed to securely organize any bit or accessory with a standard 1/4" base, including Fix It Sticks Torque Limiters. The driver works with any ¼” hex drive or hex bit.

MSRP is $112.00 and the individual driver has an MSRP of $60.00. Both are now available.

Starline Brass Adds 300 Ham'r

Starline Brass has added another caliber, the 300 Ham'r to its growing lineup of high-quality brass. Starline’s 300 Ham'r brass is produced with the same demanding quality control standards for which it has been produced for the original cartridge developer, Wilson Combat, since 2018.

Originally named the .30-30 AR, the 300 Ham'r was developed by Bill Wilson in his search for improved terminal performance in the AR-15 platform while still utilizing the standard 5.56 bolt carrier group. The 300 Ham'r has a substantial velocity and energy advantage over calibers such as the 300 Blackout and 7.63x39, which gives it 30-30 performance out of the AR-15. Bullets in the 110- to 150-grain range are optimal for the Ham'r and deliver excellent accuracy.

With proper bullet selection you have a firearm with excellent terminal performance in a low recoiling package that hits well above its weight class. This cartridge has been used extensively for hog and deer hunting and has even been used in Africa for plains game. Hodgdon CFE BLK powder gives excellent velocity and low pressures in this cartridge.

Starline’s case lineup now includes 7.65 French Long, .350 Legend, .348 Winchester, .375 Winchester, 5.56x45mm, .222 Remington, .30-30 Winchester, .243 Winchester and .223 Remington.

For more information, including 300 Ham'r load data, barrels, uppers, firearms and reloading dies, please visit Wilson Combat’s website. To order Starline’s rifle cases please visit a dealer near you or order factory direct online at www.starlinebrass.com.

Meoprolight Foresight Weapon Sight System Shipping

Meprolight USA, the U.S. sales and marketing division of Meprolight, is shipping its latest innovation in weapon sight systems, the Mepro Foresight.

Launched during the 2019 SHOT Show, the Mepro Foresight is a weapon sight providing real-time data increasing the user’s performance and accuracy. The data includes battery level, sensor data, Bluetooth connectivity and a shot counter (future software upgrade). With five reticles for a variety of possible tactical scenarios, and a built-in compass and inside leveler, the sight becomes an invaluable asset in maximizing hit capability. A built-in sensor allows for automatic brightness adjustment. A digital zeroing mechanism allows the user to load a present zeroing profile from Meprolight’s mobile app (Android and iOS) through a Bluetooth interface.

The Meprolight Mepro Foresight apo allows up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles or user profiles. It features up-to-date and the latest Mepro Foresight firmware, a rich reticle database, plus it allows previously stored profiles from the mobile app to the sight.

The Mepro Foresight augmented weapon sight powers with a rechargeable battery or USB-C port. The display window dimensions are 1.299” x .787” (33 x 20mm) with an overall dimension of 4.6” x 2.35” x 2.65” (117 x 60 x 68mm) and weighs a mere 9.9 oz. (280 grams).


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