Four Great Holsters for Microcompact Pistols

Microcompact 9mms are hot sellers, but every buyer needs a holster to carry their new gun. These four options will meet almost any concealed carry need.

Four Great Holsters for Microcompact Pistols

The Savage Stance in a CrossBreed holster

Offering a good selection of holsters for today’s micro pistols will increase sales and create happy customers. Here are some possibilities to consider.


Crossbreed SuperTuck, MiniTuck

Crossbreed didn’t hesitate to get on the Smith & Wesson CSX debut and is offering its top-selling SuperTuck and MiniTuck IWB holsters for the new pistol. Both feature form-fitted Kydex pockets secured to a thick leather backer, which provides comfortable support. Belt clips allow shirts to be tucked neatly. Crossbreed says its modular Reckoning and Rogue holster systems will be available soon for the CSX.


DeSantis Uni-Tuk IWB

The latest in the DeSantis Pegasus Kydex lineup, the new Uni-Tuk is an IWB holster with molded Kydex front joined to a synthetic, breathable backing. The Uni-Tuk has multiple tensioning points for customization along with the DeSantis Tuckable 360 C Clip that can be adjusted for height and cant with 360 degrees of rotation. A built-in Spur on the holster body acts as a claw to enhance concealment. The Uni-Tuk is available for the Hellcat OSP and Hellcat, Glock 43 line and Sig Sauer P365.


Galco KingTuk Cloud

Galco’s popular KingTuk Cloud IWB holster combines concealment with comfort, thanks to a ballistic nylon front over a closed-cell foam body. The back portion of the plate is lined with Galco’s Comfort Cloth, a performance mesh that provides more padding along with moisture-wicking capabilities. The Kydex holster secures the firearm while providing fast draws and easy holstering. Galco’s polymer UniClips allow for tucked shirts and concealment, and the clips can be moved up or down in corresponding holes in the backing plate for angle and height customization.


Sticky Belly

The Sticky Holsters Belly Band has an industrial-strength yet plush elastic for comfort and strength. Three patches of sticky material ensure the band stays in place without constant adjustments or movement. The modular band works in conjunction with a Sticky Holster, allowing the user to place the holster and gun in any location. It also has four accessory pockets; two smaller ones handle magazines or folding knives, and the larger one can handle a wallet or other similar-size items. Because there is no holster, the band can be used while traveling to secure money, ID papers or other documents, or while working out, riding a bike or running. It runs in sizes small to XXL.


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