Modern Airguns Don't Need Powder To Pack a Punch

Today's modern airguns don't need powder to pack a punch, attract customers or pump up your profits.

Modern Airguns Don't Need Powder To Pack a Punch

Air guns offer numerous positives for retailers and consumers, including no paperwork hassles, a variety of pistols and rifles with realistic features, no noise, training possibilities and more. (Photo: Tom McHale)

Modern airguns aren’t your grandpappy’s Daisy Red Ryder. Sure, that timeless classic is still manufactured, and everybody should own one.  But there’s a whole new era of power, performance and impressive technology in the airgun world. In fact, modern airguns rank right up there with popular centerfires in terms of velocity and muzzle energy.

Airguns and traditional firearms do share some attributes. When push comes to shove, it’s all about air pushing a projectile...

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