How Not To Look Too Tactical

One of the issues facing tactical enthusiasts and professionals alike is the risk of appearing too militaristic while on the job or on the street.
How Not To Look Too Tactical

One of the issues facing tactical enthusiasts and professionals alike is the risk of appearing too militaristic while on the job or on the street.

Though today’s security professionals could face situations not all that much different than those faced by our troops in the combat zone and need gear that provides similar protection, LEOs and private security contractors usually do not want to project a military vibe that risks ratcheting the threat up a level or needlessly intimidating or scaring the public. With public opinion inflamed following recent controversial incidents that received a lot of national media attention and activists working overtime to fan the flames of discontent, many agencies are taking another look at the growing militarization of law enforcement and taking steps to keep the line from blurring.

The new exclusive Storm Grey color scheme from 5.11 Tactical was developed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies around the world to meet the demands of tactical units operating in urban areas. It provides excellent concealment in a variety of urban environments while maintaining a less militaristic look. Storm Grey is available on 5.11 Tactical’s new Stryke Tactical Duty Uniforms. The TDU takes the Stryke uniform system, already popular with law enforcement agencies, to the next level for tactical operators in all professions.

Durable, flexible and comfortable, the TDU system uses 5.11’s Flex-Tac ripstop fabric, which incorporates mechanical stretching built into the yarn, giving the TDU lasting flexibility as needed without losing strength or durability. The system also incorporates a TEFLON finish for stain and soil resistance.

Stryke TDU Shirts are available with zippered fronts or as pullovers for use with armor, plate carriers and load-bearing vests. They have canted front pockets and vertical sleeve pockets for quick access and adjustable mandarin collars. They come with a badge tab holder, loop patch platform and epaulette kit.

The Stryke TDU Pant has a fitted waistband with stretch for a perfect fit and comfort on the move and uses an articulated pattern for a fast, streamlined appearance while not restricting motion or movement. The cargo pockets are canted and ergonomically placed for quick and easy access in a variety of positions, and the gusseted crotch and knees allow a wide freedom of motion. The double-layered knees are compatible with neoprene kneepads.

The Uniform Shirt Carrier from GH Armor Systems is designed to carry armor plates while retaining a less tactical look. It is an externally worn vest-like unit for a professional appearance and ballistic protection in one package. It accepts GH Armor Systems concealable panels and is made from durable 600-denier polyester outer material. It has a moisture-wicking inner liner to manage heat and perspiration. The Uniform Shirt Carrier has two functional chest pockets with dual pen sleeves and two additional hidden pockets behind them for discreet storage. Two lower utility pockets provide additional storage.

The Uniform Shirt Carrier has standard badge grommets and accommodates optional nameplate grommets. Shoulder epaulettes double as mic tabs. Body-side panel access provides quick and easy utilization of the internal 5x8-inch and 8x10-inch front trauma plate pockets. The carrier has ballistic suspension for proper panel alignment and to prevent sagging and curling. It has adjustable side and shoulder closures with durable high-profile Velcro for a perfect fit, and an internal cummerbund keeps things comfortable and in place.

The Uniform Shirt Carrier is available in a variety of colors including black, dark navy, tan, brown, gray and white.


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