SEALs Are Getting With The Program And Running Glocks

Looks like the SEALs are taking a page out of the Army Special Forces playbook and going with Glock.
SEALs Are Getting With The Program And Running Glocks

Our friends over at Soldier Systems Daily (editor Eric Graves is a contributor to Tactical Retailer) are reporting that the command that oversees the SEALs is formulating a plan to transition from equipping its special operators with Sig Sauer pistols to Glocks.

For years, SSD reports, many SEAL units have been using the Glock 19 for operations with a specially-equipped firing pin to resist water-related malfunctions. Most of the Army's special operations forces use Glocks, with the Marine Corps being one of the last holdouts using specially-designed 1911s.

As I understand it, over time, use of the Glock 19 began to proliferate throughout the community. Earlier this year some East Coast SEALs conducted an evaluation and the decision was made to adopt them on a wider scale.

However, they haven’t purchased additional pistols yet, nor completed a fielding plan. If there are any new users, the pistols most likely came from SOFSA.

A wider adoption of the Glock for SEAL teams could be a major blow to Sig Sauer, which has leveraged its reputation among Naval Special Warfare teams to boost civilian sales for years.


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