Phoenix Weaponry Suppressors

Custom firearms manufacturer announces the expansion of its direct-thread suppressor line.

Phoenix Weaponry Suppressors

Phoenix Weaponry manufactures suppressors featuring the company’s proven Delta MonoCore design for .22-caliber rimfire pistols up to .50 BMG rifles. Customers can choose suppressors made from either stainless steel or titanium, fully machined in-house from U.S.-made materials. While the design of the suppressor core might look unassuming, a vast amount of engineering time, sound tests, material testing and tens of thousands of fired rounds went into the optimal placement of each baffle. This gives the suppressor sufficient volume to control flame and gas propagation from the fired round. Chronograph testing with Phoenix Weaponry suppressors has also shown an increase in muzzle velocity. 

MSRP: $343.75-$2,550. 



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