AAC was the driving force behind the development of the immensely popular 300 Blackout round. In fact, technically the name of the round is the “300 AAC Blackout.”

Once AAC had the round in development, it realized it was going to need to offer rifles for the new chambering. So ACC also developed and introduced the bolt-action Model 7, the single-shot break-action HandiRifle, and the semi-automatic MPW, all three in 300 AAC BLK.

But take a look at the 2015 AAC catalogue and all these rifles are missing. What gives?

“We made the decision that we are getting out of the rifle-making business,” says Jeff Still, Director of Accessories and Suppressors at Remington Outdoor Company. “We are going to focus all of our efforts on suppressors and related accessories.”

With one exception: AAC continues to offer 300 AAC BLK upper receivers, in three barrel lengths: 9-inch, 12.5-inch and 16-inch.

Still also notes another big change at AAC, promising to reverse an all-too-common trend in the industry.

“It’s very frustrating for customers to have new products being talked about in the outdoors and shooting sports media, and then not be available at their retailers,” says Still. “When we officially launch a product, it will be 100 percent ready at a production level.

“Which means, when we launch it? It will be available to customers,” Still adds. “No six to 12, or even more, months of waiting. Now.”