Gear Roundup: Handgun Holsters

Outfit your handgun patrons with the very best in security and confidence with these top-shelf holsters.

Gear Roundup: Handgun Holsters

Well-designed, high-quality holsters serve the dual purpose of protecting valuable handguns and providing quick and safe access to them when needed. And it’s the marriage of this form and function that determines the effectiveness of any given make or model. High-quality holsters are also designed for comfort, allowing carriers to go about their day without being restricted in movement or hindered by their firearm. Crafted with great attention to detail and made from durable materials, holsters that boast the highest quality offer superior retention, dependability and proper placement while concealing a gun safely and securely. Whether they’re used by duty officers or everyday citizens, highly functioning holsters are an imperative part of firearm ownership, and personal preference also plays a part in the selection process. Whether it’s IWB, OWB, on the belt, ankle, belly band carry and others — they all have their merits, and occupation and lifestyle often play a role in deciding which application works best for each user. For tactical retailers, holsters represent an opportunity to increase profit by including the sale of one (or more) with every handgun sale. Here are some prime examples that your pistol-packing patrons might want to consider.

5.11 Tactical 

TacTec Holster 2.0

The TacTec Holster 2.0 from 5.11 Tactical is equipped with new hook-and-loop material that provides a secure grip without the bulk of a separate hook-and-loop panel. Engineered from tough and durable 1050D nylon, with a shape-retaining stiffener and adjustable snap retention, it provides a secure fit and effortless use. This simple, intuitive holster is a premium tool of the trade, effectively housing a wide variety of compact and full-size pistols and featuring cost-effective customization. And it is compatible with many 5.11 bags and packs, making it a great addition to any user’s tactical gear collection. MSRP: $21.

Alien Gear Holsters 

Photon IWB/OWB

The Photon from Alien Gear Holsters was developed with the company’s retailers in mind — a versatile, ambidextrous concealed carry IWB and OWB multifaceted holster with a host of features that are sure to be a hit with handgun buyers. The Photon holster is threaded barrel- and high/co-witness sight-compatible and comes equipped with an optic cut-out, and adjustable cant, ride height and retention and is sidecar-ready with an optional magazine carrier. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling, precision injection molding and specially blended polymers, Alien Gear Holsters produces top-quality products, made entirely in the USA. MSRP: $49.88/Light bearing; $44.88/Non-light bearing; $24.88/Magazine carrier.

CYA Supply Company 

Path IWB

The Path IWA Holster from CYA Supply Company was designed to be fully adjustable without sacrificing functionality. No gimmicks here, with solid features built right in. The ride height can be adjusted from low ride to high ride and the user can position the cant up to 30 degrees in either direction, opening up a variety of carry orientations. It has an adjustable and removable concealment claw that keeps it positioned in the right place and two independent legs to grip the user’s belt. The optics-ready Path IWA holster is designed to reduce printing by torquing the grip into the user’s body and is compatible with muzzle devices and co-witness sights. MSRP: $74.74.

DeSantis Gunhide 

Outdraw Chest Rig

The Outdraw Chest Rig is DeSantis Gunhide’s latest offering for the handgun enthusiast, precision molded from Kydex sheet. It is optics-compatible and can be adjusted for tension. The harness swivels at all connection points and the straps are also fully adjustable so it can be worn with or without an outer garment, and the shoulder pad is lined with non-slip rubberized fabric to prevent unwanted movement. The Outdraw Chest Rig is available for a wide selection of popular handguns. MSRP: $161.99.

Ed Brown 

Roughout Commander

Based on a 1967 design and tweaked by Ed Brown to his personal specifications, the Roughout Commander is a rough-side-out leather IWB holster that features a steel reinforced mouth for easier holstering. Having the leather rough-side-out secures the holster to the body and helps eliminate unwanted movement. Locking pull-the-dot snaps make it easier to put on or remove the holster. The Roughout has a generous sight channel and is relieved at the front to clear most red-dot sights. It is not compatible with a light rail frame. MSRP: $199.


CX85 Carbon Fiber

With the debut of its CX85 Carbon Fiber Holster, Falco Holsters goes beyond the surface to embrace the essence of carbon fiber. Its thorough process involves embedding woven carbon fibers into resin followed by autoclave curing, resulting in a uniform, high-end material system the same as those employed in aviation, aerospace and top-tier auto racing. The CX85 Carbon holster is designed to be worn at the 3 o’clock position. It features a slightly curved rear side, ensuring comfortable wrapping around the hip while pulling the grip toward the body for seamless concealment. The slim-profile, pancake-style holster has an open-top, open-muzzle configuration and no cant. Two 1.5-inch belt loops on the sides ensure secure attachment. MSRP: $599.


GL Pro OWB Paddle

The lowest-profile OWB paddle holster Fobus has ever designed, the GL Pro Passive Active Level 2 Paddle Holster — Glock 19, 19X, 17, 45 — features a retention level control that allows switching from Level 1 passive retention to Level 2 passive and active retention using a designated cogwheel switch. To use passive retention only, press the release button while turning the cogwheel switch toward the closed locker. To turn the cogwheel switch, use a screwdriver or the back ring of a bullet shell. Made from reinforced polymer FP23, the GL Pro is optics- and high front sight-ready, and the rubberized paddle’s low position allows the thumb a full grip of the firearm. MSRP: $49.

Mission First Tactical

Pro Series Convertible

Providing comfort and confidence for everyday carry, Mission First Tactical’s Pro Series is an inside the waistband/appendix holster that is convertible to outside the waistband (OWB) holster in both right- and left-handed positioning. Advanced technologies include its Inline Magnetic Retention System with a strong Neodymium magnet that secures a fully loaded pistol without any locking devices, integrated barrel stabilizer insert and built-in vertical wedge. Each holster is handmade to precise tolerances for each model of handgun using the most advanced techniques and materials for all-day comfortable carry and includes 15 degrees of adjustable cant, mid-height sweat guard, full trigger guard coverage, adjustable ride height, co-witness/suppressor height sight channel and much more. MSRP: $89.99.

Rounded Gear 

Druid Kydex IWB/OWB

The new Rounded by Concealment Express Druid Kydex Holster is compatible with multiple firearms/carry preferences with an ambidextrous RH/LH design that allows conversion between IWB and OWB in one holster — which, for retailers, means less shelf space is needed. Plus, the optics-ready Druid accommodates virtually any mounting option. Users carry with confidence knowing the safety, mag release and trigger are protected, and the precision-molded wedge and claw kit keep the firearm close to the body, enhancing concealability and minimizing printing. The Druid’s surfaces are all rounded and buffed to resist skin chafing. Numerous mounting options are available through Rounded Gear and no extra hardware is required for clips. MSRP: Starting at $89.95.


Incog X IWB

A collaboration between Haley Strategic Partners and Safariland, the Incog X Inside the Waistband Holster adjusts for various carry positions while allowing for a full firing grip prior to draw. An improved clip strut design adapts to different carry positions using customized concealment shims that can be easily installed or removed without tools. An actuated finger tab flexes open to allow quick installation and removal from the belt. The Incog X uses passive retention and adjustable tension technology to provide precise customization for a snug handgun fit. Microfiber suede wrapper improves next-to-skin comfort, while the Boltaron body offers exceptional impact strength and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. MSRP: $92.50-$122.50.

Stealth Operator 

Micro Compact 

The Stealth Operator Micro Compact Holster is meticulously crafted to snugly embrace the most sought-after micro-carry guns on the market, such as the Glock 42, Glock 43x, Sig 365x/XL, Springfield Hellcat and a host of others — designed to harmonize seamlessly with most optics. What sets Stealth Operator holsters apart is their Frame Lock technology. Each holster is injection-molded to deliver unparalleled toughness and strength, surpassing even Kydex in durability. They are meticulously engineered to be optics-ready, remaining unfazed by high heat conditions and offering a forward cant for an optimal draw. Furthermore, their low-print construction ensures minimal visibility during concealed carry. Proudly made in the USA, every holster comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty. MSRP: $

Sticky Holsters 

Optics Ready Series

Sticky Holsters is once again redefining concealment with its new Optics Ready (OR) Holster Series. This new line of holsters is made from the same materials as the original line and continues to use friction and compression to securely hold the holster in place. Sticky Holsters is initially offering six different sizes with options to accommodate lights and lasers. The new models will fit guns ranging from a Glock 42 all the way up to a Glock 34, and are available online or through stocking retailers across the country. MSRP: $30.95.

Tagua Gunleather 

Canyon Elite 

The Canyon Elite Holster from Tagua Gunleather provides a comfortable, reliable solution for concealed carry. Constructed with premium, extra thick cowhide leather, it is double-stitched for added durability and features a thumb break to aid in retention. It’s deep molded to provide a custom fit and perfectly contoured to the body for effective concealment. The holster is designed with a forward-leaning cant to allow for quick drawing and to accommodate larger handguns. Available for a wide variety of handgun models for both left- and right-handed shooters, the Canyon Elite is backed by Tagua Gunleather’s lifetime warranty. MSRP: $58.99.


Defender Series OWB 

Defender OWB Holsters from Versacarry set a new standard in both style and functionality, featuring premium water buffalo leather hide construction that exemplifies superior craftsmanship. Defender Alpha and Bravo holsters stand out with their innovative multi-point tension adjustment system, offering users a tighter and more customizable fit tailored to the specific firearm in use. The non-collapsible design, achieved through skillful inlaying of polymer throughout the holster, ensures seamless re-holstering, providing users with a reliable and efficient experience. Optics compatibility is a key highlight of the Defender holsters, catering to a diverse range of user preferences. To enhance comfort for all-day wear, these holsters boast a raised leather protective backing. MSRP: $74.99.

Vets Tactical 


The Cupolster Vehicle Cup Holder Holster from Vets Tactical raises the bar for swift firearm access and user comfort within a vehicle. Its design, positioning and angle create a strategic staging area for the handgun, facilitating swift and efficient retrieval from the vehicle’s existing cup holder. Say goodbye to awkward bending or reaching — the firearm is right at the fingertips, ready to defend. And no need to worry about permanent alterations to the car’s interior — pop it in, and it securely stays in place. Plus, it’s easily transferable between vehicles. The ambidextrous Cupolster features a fully covered trigger guard, allowing cross-draw positioning adapted to right- or left-handed drivers and front-seat passengers. MSRP: $69.95.

Wilson Combat 

Jason WInnie Leathergood 1911

Wilson Combat and custom leathersmith Jason Winnie have collaborated to produce a custom OWB holster designed to securely hold a compact or professional size 1911 pistol with a 4-inch barrel, with or without a rail and all smaller-size 1911s. This handmade closed-end, pancake-style rig wears a black steer hide outer layer and exhibits superb comfort and quality for all-day carry. It is available in a right hand only model that fits any 1.5-inch belt. It does not accommodate optics. MSRP: $119.95.


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