Rock River Arms has added two new models to their LAR-15 lineup, a 7-inch and 10.5-inch barrel A4 5.56 NATO-chambered pistols with SBX-K Pistol Braces.

The SBX-K is a shortened version of the original SBX brace, with a lower profile for improved handling and maneuverability. When used in compliance with applicable laws, the SBX-K offers an additional contact point for shooters, providing the option of a cheek weld or securing the brace to the forearm for improved stability, muzzle control and accuracy.

As a BATF-compliant part for legal use on a pistol platform, the SBX-K brace on these new LAR-15 models make these pistols a viable option for a compact at-home or on-the-go personal defense weapon.

The Rock River Arms A4 pistols come in two configurations, one with a 7-inch barrel and 6-inch aluminum free-float RRA lightweight handguard and one with a 10.5-inch barrel and 9.25-inch mid-length aluminum free-float RRA handguard. Both handguards are M-LOK compatible. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the A4 pistols utilize chrome-lined barrels with a 1:9 twist, RRA’s forged LAR-15 lower receiver, an A4 upper with Picatinny rails, a single stage trigger and a rubber molded Hogue grip.

The 7-inch barrel model is 24.75 inches overall, weighs 5.6 pounds and retails for $940, while the 10.5-inch model is 29.25 inches overall, weighs 6.3 pounds and retails for $980.