Three Texas men went the extra mile to allegedly rob a gun store but their efforts were thwarted with their arrests.

The trio allegedly cut a hole in the side of a wall in the firearms store in Alvarado, Texas. Once through the wall two of them reportedly grabbed 17 guns while the third stood watch outside. The three then got away and reportedly went to Dallas with rifles, pistols and shotguns.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Craig Demond Campbell and Michael Jerome Bray took the firearms from the Crazy Gun Dealer at 5301 East Highway 67 in March while Taija White served as a lookout outside the store, police say.

On March 30, charges state, the three loaded a car with burglary tools and parked in a field near the store. Campbell, 21, and Bray, 33, cut a hole in the side of the gun dealer’s building and broke into the store, according to police.

Charges are pending.