In a very public arrest that puts Chinese knock-off companies on notice, makers of military-issue protective eyewear Revision helped authorities shut down an alleged counterfeit operation during a recent trade show in Colorado.

According to a company release, Revision Military assisted authorities in apprehending Gong Peiwen, part owner of Guangzhou Botai Optical Visor Ltd., during the SnowSports Industries America Snow Show in Denver, Colorado, January 28. Guangzhou Botai allegedly produced unauthorized counterfeit versions of the Revision Desert Locust google.

“These fake products have been distributed under the pretense of providing military-grade ballistic protection which presents a hazard to the safety of users expecting the high level eye protection of authentic Revision products,” Revision says. “After extensive investigation of the company and testing of the counterfeit products it produces, conclusions showed none of the established industry standards for optical or ballistic quality were met by these unauthorized product knockoffs.”

Arrest warrants were also issued for three suspected co-conspirators who are officials with Guangzhou Botai. The four face several felony charges, including counterfeiting; theft; corrupt business practices; conspiracy to commit counterfeiting; conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to commit corrupt business practices.