Whether your affinity for 1911s is deeply rooted in military service or simply the result of John Browning’s time-tested, battle-proven design, the American made Browning Black Label 1911-380 Pro Compact certainly deserves a good hard look.

True to its smaller caliber, the Black Label 1911-380 Pro comes in at 85 percent of full size. This smaller, engineering-grade composite frame, along with a fully-machined 7075 aluminum sub-frame, machined steel slide and shorter 3 5/8-inch barrel delivers big on strength without compromising Browning performance, while grooved G10 composite grips and extended controls — including an ambidextrous thumb safety and flat main spring housing — make shooting more comfortable for a greater range of small-handed, grip-challenged shooters.

The Browning Black Label 1911-380 Pro Compact shoots like a dream. This feature-rich single-action 1911 mitigates recoil incredibly well, allowing for quick target acquisition whether you’re burning through the 8-round heat-treated steel magazine, double-tapping or simply chasing down your personal balance of speed and precision.

While the beavertail styled grip safety definitely turns safe shooting up a notch, its unique design eliminates bite and facilitates smooth, trouble-free, positive operation. 1911s may not be the best option for concealed carry, however, there’s no arguing the 1911-380 quenches the thirst of carriers enamored with its historic platform.

Carrying aside, the 1911-380’s smaller caliber, reduced frame size and safety-rich features make it a perfect handgun for novice, young and new shooters. Browning Black Label Pro Compacts include night sights or 3-dot sights and an ABS case.