IWI’s Tavor has remained my go-to carbine for duty-related application or training. It has seen thousands of rounds and several classes, and has been a dependable workhorse.

As the Tavor has grown in popularity, the accessory market has grown with it. Triggers are now available, along with rail systems, hand guards, safeties and several other parts, enhancing the shooting experience or better facilitating duty or home defense use. Several companies specialize in Tavor accessories, but one of the first to build quality items is American Built Arms.

The company is veteran-owned and uses parts made in America, and its items are of the highest quality and built to last. Its Tavor rail is one of my favorites.

Using a tapered hand guard, the Tavor requires a special bottom rail for use with pistol grips, bipods or other accessories. Factory rails are plastic, but the AB Arms model is aluminum and contoured to fit perfectly. For customers looking for a pistol grip, the AB Arms T-Grip is the perfect size for this gun. Contoured to work with the Tavor, it provides a solid grip without adding bulk — and it even has a battery compartment.

When mounted to my Tavor while I tested the latest triggers, it proved excellent for CQB work. It provides a solid hold that is comfortable and easy to maintain. The shorter length allows for use on bags, barricades or other surfaces. Ambidextrous, it worked with several different light configurations.

Built from aluminum, the rail facilitated mounting my Atlas bipod for a solid platform from prone, or a rest when working from other flat surfaces. Both are of the highest quality, lightweight and mounted easily and solidly. If you’re looking to stock Tavor accessories with solid workmanship and purposeful design, these are excellent examples.