As the AR rifle has moved into the mainstream for self-defense use, more customers are searching for solutions to make the rifle more compact. Shorter barrels certainly help, and the popularity of pistols in rifle calibers — especially 300 BLK — has been a game changer.

The only real limitation has been the buffer system. Being unable to fold the stock limits the AR’s ability to become significantly compact. Hybrid designs that eliminate the buffer tube work, but they tend to be heavy. What customers really needed was the ability to fold a factory AR buffer tube without affecting reliability.

And it looks like Law Tactical has done just that.

Our early testing of the Law Tactical Gen 2 folder has so far been solid. It worked with most every AR, including select-fire weapons. But it did demonstrate a few shortcomings. Its aluminum construction lacked strength, and its size interfered with the charging handle. It also required tools for teardown when cleaning.

But Law Tactical says its latest Gen 3 addresses all those issues.

Reengineered from the ground up, it is now built from steel for strength. That allowed the company to trim it down, eliminating interference with the charging handle.

It also means the AR will fire with the stock folded. It won’t cycle, but it will fire without damaging the rifle or folder. If the need arises, you can then fold it back into place and cycle the action, and you are good to go. The hinge is more solid, and it locks solidly in place.

Maybe the best part is the new extension. Using a replaceable O-ring, it fits easily in standard bolt carriers — no need for indexing or use of tools.

After I tested it on a Seekins SBR in 300 BLK it has become a permanent fixture to that weapon. Using a 9-inch barrel and Elite Iron Battledog Suppressor, it is incredibly compact. Function is flawless and it fits in many nontactical-looking bags with ease.

Previous testing on an LWRCI Six 8, Colt M16, and AR-10 yielded the same results. Attaching it to an AR pistol makes it about as compact as it gets.

If you want to add to the versatility of any AR pistol or rifle on the shelf, stock the Law Tactical Gen 3 folder. Installation is easy, and your customers can make either a new or their existing AR fit just about anywhere necessary. It allows you to build what might be the perfect AR for self or home defense.