3-Gun and multi-gun competitions are increasingly popular, both with recreational shooters as participants and as spectator sports with pros competing for big dollars and bragging rights. The AR market is flush with 3-gun specific models being offered by manufacturers as out-of-the-box alternatives to customizing a base gun for competition, and the shotgun market is not far behind. The new M3K shotgun from Stoeger Industries is a perfect example of a competition-specific shotgun built with the needs of the 3-gunner in mind.

In 2014, Stoeger sponsored two pro 3-gun shooters and equipped them with M3000 shotguns. The gun was up to the task and Stoeger took the lessons learned on the field of competition and built a gun that is ready out of the box for shooters looking for a great 3-gun shotgun at a factory gun price.

The Stoeger M3K is a 12-gauge semi-automatic with a 24-inch barrel and black synthetic furniture. It accepts up to 3-inch shells. Like all Stoeger semi-automatic shotguns, it’s built around the company’s Inertia Driven system for fast and reliable cycling. The Inertia Driven system is cleaner than traditional gas-driven systems and has fewer moving parts to break and no O-rings to fail.

“This has been a project which was developed hand-in-hand with our shooters,” said Tom Kaleta, Vice President of Marketing for Benelli USA. “The shooters started calling their customized M3000’s the ‘M3K’ and the name just worked. We are proud to introduce a truly reliable competition gun at a price point which won’t break the bank.”

The Stoeger M3K has a front fiber-optic sight and an overall length of 45.75 inches. It weighs 7.3 pounds. It will have an MSRP of $699.