Pistol caliber carbines fill a niche between handgun and rifle, serving as personal defense weapons in the hands of professionals who don’t need to carry a rifle and as utility guns and home defense guns in the hands of private citizens. The new Model 9 from STAG Arms marries the ubiquitous 9mm to the proven and reliable STAG platform.

The mag well has been modified to utilize colt-style magazines, the ejection port has been shortened, and an oversized brass deflector has been installed to keep the casings from throwing almost straight back, but the Model 9 and its upgraded sibling the Model 9T are otherwise ARs in appearance and operation.

Both models have 16-inch chrome lined barrels, adjustable carbine-style buttstocks, and A2-style pistol grips and flash hiders. The base Model 9 has a DiamondHead VRS-T drop in handguard and a gas block rail for installation of a front sight. The upgraded Model 9T utilizes a 13.5-inch DiamondHead free float handguard and comes with folding front and rear premium DiamondHead sights installed. The Model 9 weighs in a 6.8 pounds while the 9T weighs 7.9 pounds.

Both models come with a 32-round magazine, plastic rifle case, and STAG’s transferrable lifetime warranty. Being STAG rifles, true left-handed models are also available.

The Model 9 retails for $990 ($1025 for left-hander) and the Model 9T retails for $1275 ($1295 for left-hander).