Whenever you’re shooting a rifle it’s always best to have the most stable rest possible to help with accuracy, whether you’re hunting, in competition or zeroing a scope.

Accu-Tac SR5 G2 bipod has more notches that are closer together with added height. (Photo: Accu-Tac / DMG)

A bipod is one of the top accessories to help take care of this important task. Successfully attached to the front of your rifle, a bipod offers stability and adjustable heights. Good bipods work on wood, concrete benches, dirt, sand or whatever you need and disappear. They’re supposed to do that — work while being forgotten about.

Accu-Tac has redesigned its G2 lineup for the coming year with four bipods: the BR-4 G2, SR-5 G2, LR-10 G2 and FC-G2, including optional claws for the spiked feet. The updated bipods now have an  an adjustable throw lever to lock the canting feature into place.

Other updates:

The BR-4 G2 now has spring loaded extendable legs to adjust the height. The SR-5 and LR-10 G2 have more notches that are closer together with added height. The redesigned F-Class bipod is now able to pan as well as cant. For more stability, the G2 bipods use larger rubber feet with a support cone for reinforcement.

The Accu-Tac BR4 G2 has spring loaded extendable legs. (Photo: Accu-Tac / DMG)