McMillan Fiberglass Stocks will host the first West Coast Guardian Long Range Competition near Wikieup, Ariz., to raise money for families and children through Bethany Christian Services.

The match will be held at at The Big Sandy Range Dec. 8-9, 2018. Guardian Long Range Competition proceeds go toward helping orphans find loving families and assisting foster and adoptive families through Bethany Christian Services. The Guardian has raised more than $300,000 for orphans and foster children since 2014. It has been supported by more than 650 shooters from 23 different states, with prizes to shooters exceeding $250,000.

The West Coast Guardian Long Range Competition is a two-day event that follows the standard Guardian format. Participants will spend the first day shooting as individuals in squads of up to 12 shooters at steel targets out to 1,200 yards. Pistol stages will be included, and the top 3 shooters will earn trophies along with best-shooter in LE/MIL, .308, and female categories. Day Two will see top/low scoring shooters pair up for 2-man team shooting, following the same format as Day One and engaging reactive steel targets out to 1,600 yards.

Working to ensure every child has a safe and loving home is a special focus for McMillan® and is honored to join these corporate sponsors in supporting The Guardian and Bethany Christian Services in this important mission:


Owens Armory

OSS Suppressors

Huber Concepts

Best Targets

Manners Composite Stocks


Barnes Bullets


To register for the West Coast Guardian Long Range Competition or to learn more about The Guardian and upcoming shooting events, visit their website at or go here.