Stocking airgun variants of the firearms you sell offers an opportunity to not only initially sell more products to your customers, but also make them more active shooters resulting in more follow-up sales. Joseph Huston, vice president and general manager of the Sig Sauer Airgun Division, calls realistic airguns “excellent training tools,” and notes that things such as the cost of ammunition, lack of range time and other factors limit how much people practice and train with their centerfire guns.

For dealers, the key to sales is offering airguns that mimic the weight, feel, operation and trigger pull of the real thing and, like Huston says, sell them on the idea that they’re supplemental training tools, not toys.

“The Sig Sauer P320 has been extremely well received by law enforcement, recreational shooters and competitive shooters alike, and customers have been asking for a pellet version of this pistol since we introduced our very first airguns,” Huston says of the new P320 ASP airgun.

SIG’s P320 ASP has a reciprocating metal slide and polymer frame and fires either .177-cal. pellets or steel BBs from a unique 30-round belt magazine. Power is from commonly available 12-gram CO2 cylinders inserted through the backstrap of the grip and velocity is up to 450 fps. There’s even an accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers.

Operation is very much like that of the P320 centerfire gun and because SIG also offers pellets, CO2 cylinders and even airgun targets, dealers can compile everything from one source to create training packages for their SIG customers. Suggested retail of the P320 ASP in either black or coyote tan is $119.99.