The day after Christmas, two armed men entered Dixie Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia, and ordered store owner Jimmy Groover and his employee to the floor. The two suspects also allegedly said they were going to kill him.

From our June issue

But Groover was armed and decided to shoot in defense of his life rather than cast himself on the mercy of the two assailants.

Dixie Gun and Pawn was just opening for the day when the masked suspects entered the building one behind the other, walking about 10 feet apart. Surveillance video shows that Groover was standing near the rear of the business with this back turned toward the front door when the suspects came inside. An employee close to front door put his hands in the air and alerted Groover as soon as he saw what was happening.

The first of the two masked men pointed a gun at the employee and then in Groover’s direction. The suspect then reached into his left jacket pocket for what appeared to be a second gun, and that is when Groover opened fire.

The suspect failed to notice that Groover had a gun holstered on his hip or failed to care. Either way, he dropped dead after Groover drew the gun, spun around and opened fire.

After shooting the first suspect, Groover fired at the second who was fleeing the scene. Groover then walked out from behind the counter and toward the front of the building to be sure the second suspect was really gone.

Groover said his family has owned Dixie Gun and Pawn for three decades, and the store has been robbed numerous times during that time. He stressed that the December 26th incident marked the first time that anyone had allegedly tried to rob the store during business hours.

Groover and his employee were not hurt during the attempted robbery.

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