Not to be outdone by the dozens of new suppressor companies out there and to lend its considerable industrial might to one of the largest growing accessory markets in the firearms world, Blackhawk! just announced at the 2016 NRA annual meeting that it will roll out a full line of cans for every shooter.

From rimfire to centerfire, rifle and pistol, Blackhawk! will offer the new suppressors later in the summer.

The Pulse is for rimfire shooters and comes in around $310, while the Smokestack 45 pistol suppressor is compatible with SilencerCo piston kits for various calibers and firearms.


Coolest of the bunch is the Miniboss 9mm suppressor. Rated for both supersonic and subsonic ammunition, the Miniboss is a lightweight, compact can that’s perfect for short barreled 300 Blackout rifles, company officials say.

Down the line, Blackhawk! will release the Barrage 5.56 suppressor, which company reps says will be one of the lightest centerfire suppressors with a muzzle device mount at 12 ounces. Blackhawk! will also release the Gascan universal centerfire suppressor rated to 300 WinMag and weighing in at less than 13 ounces.

Blackhawk! also announced some new rifle accessories, including a new trigger setup (not a drop-in unit) with better springs, Blackhawk’s offset safety lever and  specially-coated hammer and seer that withstands up to 22,000 rounds without any noticeable wear and tear.


“We wanted to build a mil-spec trigger — one that would fit in any mil-spec lower receiver — but with increased performance, less creep and a more consistent pull,” Blackhawk! reps say.

The new AR Blaze trigger will retail for $99.95.