Umarex and Elite Force step in to create new 3 gun air division

When the pros head to the Lone Star State for this year’s 3-Gun Nation Texas Regional match in June, there’s going to be a whole new contingent of shooters there who’ll be blowing a lot of air.

For the first time, a major 3-Gun Nation match will include an “Air” division for shooters who wield firearm replicas shooting pellets. With help from Umarex, Elite Force and the International Air Shooting Sports Association, Air division shooters will be competing in stages modeled after the  International Air Steels program run under the “unlimited” rules. Courses of fire are timed and scored on a scored-as-shot basis with penalties assessed by ROs.

“Now with 3-Gun Nation adding the air division, we will see how our courses hold up and compare to the firearm side,” said International Air Shooting Sports Association founder Rob Potter.

Participants in Texas will see an exciting line up of 1:1 replicas of their favorite firearms in airsoft form and a course that offers both static and dynamic targets, clays, as well as “Don’t shoot” and aerial targets that they would be able to both purchase and recreate in their own private settings.

Umarex and Elite force will help provide some of the airsoft guns used in the match, and each will sponsor prize guns for the winners.

If you or your customers are interested in getting into the competitive 3-Gun Air division, be sure to register with 3-Gun Nation for this and upcoming matches.