While Glock’s booth at SHOT Show this year was awash with posters and pamphlets promoting the new G34 MOS, the real belle of the ball required one additional millimeter: the Glock 40 MOS. For the uninitiated, the MOS portion of the polymer pistol’s moniker designated it as optics ready. A micro red dot combined with the hard-hitting 10mm auto cartridge makes for a truly lethal combination.

Personally, I was concerned with the recoil of such a massive round, but thankfully my fears were mitigated when I had a chance to meet up with Glock at the Big 3 East event in October of 2015. After a half-dozen magazines of full-powered defensive 10mm ammo, my hands weren’t any more tired than if I had done the same round count in a .45 ACP model. The Glock 40 MOS is available now, so handguns hunters and big bore automatic enthusiasts can satiate their recoil addiction now.

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