The Elite Iron STFU is the company’s newest direct thread suppressor for those customers who want a short affordable 5.56 silencer that can still handle and deliver good tonal suppression on larger caliber .308 weapons.

Elite Iron has had great success with the company’s Bravo Series Suppressors, however customers were requesting a shorter model. Elite Iron has not yet released final specifications, but the STFU supressor appeared to be around 7 inches – around 2.5 inches shorter than the company’s original Bravo models.

Another customer request was a lower cost. Elite Iron is planning on offering the STFU for $760 which has been tested up to 300 Win Mag. All of the company’s suppressor tubes and components are made from the highest quality 17-4 stainless steel. All internal parts are 100 percent Tungsten Inert Gas welded for added strength and press fitted to ensure reliable performance. Elite Iron backs each suppressor with a limited lifetime warranty.

Elite Iron’s product development strategy has been a bit interesting considering the surge in use of exotic baffle materials and aerospace grade titanium for suppressors. Elite Iron only uses stainless steel. Elite Iron’s long term destructive research of the company’s own suppressor line — as well as other industry competitor designs — has determined that some of these every expensive light materials do not perform as well as stainless steel. Titanium for example has shown to scale/flake with extended suppressor use. More specifically, 17-4 stainless steel used for the company’s supressor construction was shown to offer the best overall balance of weight, durability, and heat dissipation.

Elite Iron plans to make the STFU suppressor available for sale by March 2016.