Gun owners are a tricky bunch to buy gifts for. The most straightforward choice is to simply buy them a firearm or maybe a gift certificate to someplace that sells them. The problem with both of these is that firearms are a very personal thing for many shooters; it’s quite difficult to pick something out for someone unless you have some incite into what they’re looking for, plus it can be pretty expensive. Main gifts aside, what about stocking stuffers: smaller supporting role gifts perfect for shooters? Fret not, we’ve got you last minute shoppers covered – here’s our top 10 list of must have stocking stuffers for gun lovers.

Tech Sights

StockingStuff01These aperture sights are the perfect accompanying gift for new shooters receiving their first .22lr rifle. Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, Tech Sights produces M16-style aperture sights for a number of different firearms. Their two most popular models are the TSR100 for the Ruger 10/22 and the AK100S for AKM pattern carbines. In both cases, replacing the stock sights drastically improves the usability of the firearms – adding over six inches of sight radius to both platforms! These are especially useful for new shooters attempting to learn with the 10/22’s borderline microscopic iron sights. MSRP: $59-$110

Lancer L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazines

StockingStuff02If your special someone is a fan of America’s favorite black rifle, they need a few of these magnificent magazines. While not as well known as Magpul’s polymer offerings, Lancer Industries L5 series of mags do everything their competitors offerings do, and more. Built from high impact translucent polymer, these magazines separate themselves from the polymer AR magazine market with the inclusion of steel reinforcements. While pricier than the competition, these magazines are the preferred feeding device for three-gunners and shooters who prescribe to the buy once, cry once adage. The L5 is available in capacities ranging from 5 to 30 rounds for AR15s and more recently, .308 caliber platforms like the AR10 and SR25. MSRP: $16.30 – $54.99 (depending on color, caliber and capacity)

RS Regulate AK Scope Mounts

StockingStuff03For years, AK rifles have given shooters endless trouble mounting optics. While it’s true that AKM carbines feature a side rail for optics, most mounts that utilize it perch optics either too high or off center from the bore’s axis. This normally results in the user craning their neck to achieve proper eye relief, and in doing so losing any semblance of a solid cheek weld. Frustrated with available solutions, RS Regulate’s owner, Scott Hoskisson decided to engineer a better solution, the RS Regulate Mount system.

Unlike traditional mounts that consist of either a single mount with rail or an optic directly mounted to the rifle, the RS Regulate mount consists of two pieces: a lower and an upper. Just like an AR15, these can be interchanged with other options to better suit the optic type and mounting platform. Another unique feature is the mount’s ability to be adjusted left or right for perfect concentric mounting.  MSRP: $121 complete system, $60 for additional uppers

Spike’s Tactical Barking Spider brake

StockingStuff04What happens when a manufacturer modernizes the Bulgarian 4-piece flash hider design, combines it with modern styling and a thinned veiled euphemism for flatulence?

The Spike’s Tactical Barking Spider 2.

Milled from 4140 billet chromoly BAR stock, the ball-dimpled 1.5-inch Barking Spider is as effective as the Krinkov brake that inspired it. Pre-drilled for installation on 14.5-inch barrels and consisting of multiple fully interchangeable components, the Barking Spider is a versatile piece of kit. The only downsides to the über-effective brake is volume and weight – the muzzle device tips the scales at 9.4oz and greatly increases blast volume. Though thankfully, it projects all of the blast away from the shooter, and is thus not terribly noticeable, except when used indoors. MSRP: $134.95

SGM Tactical Extended Glock Magazines

SGM_TAC_G33MagGlocks are awesome handguns, but they all suffer from a terribly malady: limited ammunition. Sure, 17+1 rounds of 9mm is good, but 33+1 is even better. The biggest problem with factory extended examples is cost – some fetch more than 50 bucks a piece! Thankfully, SGM Tactical has heard our collective cries for affordable reserves of ammo, and offers their new extended magazines for both 9mm and .45ACP Glocks for a paltry $20. These are perfect for home defense pistols and for the increasingly prolific pistol caliber carbines utilizing Glock magazines (SGM also makes standard capacity magazines for the same price).
MSRP: $19.99

Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade

StockingStuff06_AltBA knife?! You put a knife of a gun-owner’s gift list?! Blasphemy, I know. But hear me out. The Gerber Strongarm is a great knife to have in either a range bag or on a shooter’s belt. Featuring a full tang 420HC blade with jet black ceramic coating, the Strongarm is a bomb-proof survival knife. It features several smart features like a multi-use modular sheath that mounts on both a 1.75 in tactical belt, MOLLE system or as a traditional drop-leg belt mount. My favorite feature is the glass-breaker tip located at the heel of the grip. The Strongarm feels just as durable as an M9 bayonet, without the crazy cost normally associated with well-built knives. MSRP $86

Magpul AKPMAG Gen 3

StockingStuff07_AltWhen Magpul first announced production of their famous PMAGs for the the AK series of rifles/carbines, the community lost their collective minds. Finally, someone was producing a quality, affordable modern magazine for the venerable Kalashnikov. The only downside to these magazines was their lack of steel reinforcements. Clearly Magpul listened to their customers, and recently introduced the Gen 3 version complete with the steel reinforcements customers were clamoring for. Now shooters can have the ultra-reliable feeding of a PMAG, and the internal reinforcements of the gold standard of AK mags, the Bulgarian circle 10. Rejoice hefty shooters, it’s not safe to attempt a Spetsnaz pushup, provided your arms can manage… MSRP: $26.95

Streamlight TRL-2 Light/Laser combo

StockingStuff08_AltLight up those silent nights with the retina-searing lumens of a Streamlight tactical light. OK, that was admittedly pretty corny, but the light is an excellent budget-friendly choice for shooters looking to add a little something to their home defense pistol, carbine or shotgun. Powered by two CR123 lithium batteries, the TLR-2 provides 12,000 candela and up to 300 lumens to shatter the inky darkness of the night. Battery runtime for the light itself is 2.5 hours, while solely running the laser produces an incredible 48 hours of power. The TLR-2 mounts to standard 1913 rails and Glock style rails via an adjustable clamp mount. For shooters like myself often swapping accessories across multiple weapon systems, the no-tools-required installation/remove is a godsend. Shooters looking to mount the TLR-2 on a long gun will need a Streamlight 69130 remote door switch. MSRP: $561 (street prices much lower)

Century Arms TP9SA 20 Round Magazine

StockingStuff09_AltAdmittedly this article has a lot of magazines of on, but in its defense, they’re a great stocking stuffer!
The TP9SA is a great handgun that continues to gain popularity as a great, affordable 9mm pistol. The new 20-round magazine from Century boosts the already capacious 18 round magazines to ‘eleven’, or more accurately, 20+1. Built from steel with a polymer base-plate, the new magazines don’t add much weight or size to the TP9SA, while giving shooters a few extra rounds. MSRP:

Gerber Short Stack

StockingStuff10No! It can’t be, the number one stocking stuffer is a damn knife?! No, it’s not. Its way more than just a knife. I’ve been playing with the Gerber Short Stack for a little more than two weeks, and have already found it ridiculously useful. Partially because in the war between M-Lok and KeyMod, I’ve stood with the M-Lok crowd. Why is that important?

The Short Stack is built for two types of people: AR owners, and M-Lok lovers. It features  everything needed to perform maintenance and general cleaning (aside from a cleaning cable/patches) on an AR15. What’s great, is the whole shebang fits inside an AR15 pistol grip, providing easy access to a front sight adjustment tool, buffer tube wrench, and everything necessary to install/remove Magpul M-Lok components. It’s the perfect gift for the kind of shooter who wears FDE boxers complete with M-Lok mounting slots! The best part? The tool retails for just over $50. What a steal. MSRP: $54