KRISS USA, makers of the Vector family of firearms, showcased the new 9mm versions of their mainstay firearm at Big 3 East, near Daytona Beach, Florida. Heavily influenced by Maxim belt-fed heavy machine guns of the First Word War, the Vector utilizes a proprietary operating method that shifts the recoil impulse downward to counter muzzle climb. Original models were chambered solely in .45 ACP,  designed to reintroduce the concept of a submachine gun to the US military.

The 9mm version of the Vector represents a new direction for the company, who in the past staunchly adhered to a single product model with two variants: a pistol and carbine. Like its .45 ACP big brother, the 9mm Vector also feeds from standard Glock pistol magazines. This makes it an excellent choice for shooters already heavily invested in Glock pistol magazines, or those who simply wish to share them between a carbine and sidearm.

Both the select fire and semi-automatic versions of the atypical automatic were on display, with the NFA-restricted model featuring semiautomatic, two round burst and fully automatic fire modes. Magazine capacity ranges from 10 to 33 rounds across both OEM and aftermarket magazines. The 9mm KRISS Vector is expected to ship next week with an MSRP similar to its predecessor’s $1,895.

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