With AR sales as competitive as ever, major companies are looking for ways to get those rifles across the counter, and what better way than to throw ammunition at the problem?

Armalite announced that customers who buy any of the company’s rifles (excluding DEF models) will get a voucher for up to 100 rounds of ammunition from its sister company Nexus.

Purchase any Armalite Rifle, and we will send you your choice of either: 80 rounds of Nexus .308 WIN 175gr Match HPBT or 100 rounds of Nexus .223 REM 77gr Match HPBT.

Simply mail a dated copy of your sales receipt, including the serial number of the firearm, a copy of page 3 of your BATFE Form 4473 or Dealer Refusal Form and the promotional rebate for for eligible Armalite rifles purchased, and we’ll have your ammo in the mail to you.

Limit one rebate per eligible rifle purchase, and one offer per name and address.

Be sure to check out the Armalite ammo rebate web page for more details.