Tactical shooters often engage in self-defense training. With this in mind, a tactical retailer would do well to stock a series of silhouette targets, like the new Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer Red Core Paper Target and the Eze-Scorer Silhouette III Paper Targets. Want a little more color? Try the Eze-Scorer Pink Paper Target, also by Birchwood Casey.

The Shoot•N•C 12-inch Handgun Trainer is also a great educational tool for the shooter; handy instructions on the targets themselves tell pistol shooters why their shots are hitting off center.

Tactical shooters with some property and disposable income might have a yen to build a fairly elaborate backyard shooting venue. For these customers, consider products made by Action Target.

In addition to a large selection of portable steel targets, Action Target makes and sells high-quality bullet traps, target systems that simulate real-world self-defense scenarios, and scoring and control systems. The company can even assist with indoor range development.

It’s also worth mentioning again Hill & Mac Gunworks targets. The cool thing about HMG is they have a variety of shapes and sizes of target to suit any backyard shooter’s needs. Not only does it offer IPSC and standard popper shapes, but shooters can also order zombie-shaped targets and custom cuts.

HMG also offers an electronic reset kit that allows shooters to bring the target face down or up with a linear actuator arm. The release and action are controlled with a remote, with a range out to 2,000 yards.