So we all know that silencers are hot these days…but we didn’t know they were this hot!

Silencerco just announced it has so far shipped 5,000 of its Omega can, a new design for 2015 that includes an integral recoil reducing anchor brake and is made with titanium, stainless steel and Stellite.

“Thanks to overwhelming demand from our loyal customers, we have thousands more orders to fill,” Silencerco said in its announcement. “But rest assured – we are increasing capacity every day in order to ensure you receive your Omega as soon as possible.”

In addition to its performance, the Omega’s design allows for maximum user adaptability and convenience. Each Omega comes with a 5/8×24 direct thread mount, a fast attach Active Spring Retention (ASR) mount complete with a Specwar ASR muzzle brake, and an Anchor Brake.

Not satisfied with the current demand, Silencerco is gunning for 10,000 Omegas in shooters’ hands.

“We’re rapidly moving toward the milestone of 10,000 Omegas shipped, and in celebration of hitting that mark, SilencerCo will be giving away an AXTS MI-T556 Carbine with an Omega.”

Huh? What?…(click)