Let’s face it, there’s no better way to practice tactical shooting skills then to inject a bit of stress. Save for a drill instructor yelling in your ear, adding a timer to the equation can be the best way to force some standards into the equation.

But shot timers tend to be big, clunky and serve only one purpose.

Enter the Double Alpha SHOTMAXX wristwatch shot timer, a lightweight, multi-functional option for your customers who want the latest in competition technology. Shooters can start the timer using a button or an internal accelerometer that will start the device when the shooter raises his arm to draw.

Of course, the SHOTMAXX also tells time, date and acts as an alarm clock and stopwatch.

  • Two types of start delay options
  • Par setting
  • Two beep tones
  • 10 levels of sensitivity
  • Indoor range filter

MSRP: $149