There’s been a lot of shirt rending about the Obama Administration’s Justice Department proposing new ATF rules over mental health restrictions on gun ownership, gun bans for domestic abusers and safe storage mandates. But tucked into the new regs is a requirement that could effect how tactical retailers and manufacturers operate.

We all know how popular suppressors are and the explosion in companies making them to meet a growing demand. And as rights increase on their use in hunting and other sports nationwide, the market is poised to continue its upward trajectory. But the DOJ wants to make sure these NFA items are properly tracked and carry identifying marks unique to each.

In its proposed rule change for the ATF, the DOJ would require all silencer manufacturers to “require licensed manufacturers and licensed importers to place identification markings on the outer tube of firearm silencers and firearm mufflers. The proposed regulations are intended to allow for identification markings to be placed conspicuously and legibly in one location providing consistency throughout the industry.”

Tactical Retailer reached out to a few suppressor makers and they didn’t think the new ATF rules would have any impact on their business. Mike Pappas of Dead Air Suppressors said “the marking is the standard we have always done. As far as I see it nothing has changed.” And Casey Foster of Gemtech told us, “I don’t think this is anything to be concerned with.”

But those are the big boys in the industry and it’s something to at least keep on the radar for some of the smaller can makers out there. The ATF wants a standard mark on all silencers and mufflers, so gear up for the requirement when it becomes the rule.