Kinetic Concealment of Jackson, Tenn., has introduced new Combo Packs for its line of inside the waistband concealed carry holsters to allow owners to easily switch over to outside the waistband carry. 

Kinetic Concealment holsters are Kydex and leather holsters with a patent-pending neoprene backing for increased comfort and support. The neoprene keeps moisture from being transferred to the gun from the wearer’s body.

In addition to keeping the gun clean and easy to grip in a tight situation, the reduction in moisture decreases the chances of a malfunction when moments could be the difference between life and death. The neoprene also increases comfort for the gun owner, not a small issue when the firearm is carried day in and day out in a variety of situations. It slides easily on a cotton undershirt and increases direct-to-skin comfort even if the gun owner isn’t wearing an undershirt.

Finally, it adds support for the gun itself, keeping it where it belongs and ready for action should the need arise.

High-ride and low-ride hole sets allow the wearer to adjust the holster’s ride and the belt clip has a three-level cant positioning system to facilitate the perfect fit.

The new Combo Packs allow the gun owner to switch the holster shell to a pre-punch backing for outside the waist carry using Chicago-style screws. Standard IWB holsters have an MSRP of $76.95 while the Combo Packs will retail for $97.95.