Remington Outdoors announced March 11 that it has made some of its coolest military rifles available to civilians. We’re talking ballistic goodies like the Army’s modular sniper rifle and the M2010 which is the service’s replacement for the M24 (Remington 700) bolt-action sniper rifle.

These rifles were all developed by the deeply experienced team at Remington Defense Division (some impressive shooters with awesome resumes) for the toughest conditions and the most demanding clients.

“This means that the firearms manufactured by the Division embody the utmost level of quality as well as the most advanced technology available today,” Big Green says. “Never before have firearms manufactured by the Division been sold on the consumer market.” 

The company now offers dealers:

The R4 Gas Piston Carbine — order #86550

The R4 Enhanced Carbine — order #86572

The PSR/MSR Modular Sniper Rifle — order #s 86279, 86282, 86642

The M2010 — order #s 86438, 86439