Lancer Systems of Quakertown, Penn., has begun shipping its new Adaptive Magwell, an aluminum component which attaches to mil-spec AR-pattern rifles to increase the size of the magazine well and increase the speed and reliability of reloads.

For troops in combat and competitors on a 3-gun course, every split second can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The flared Adaptive Magwell’s wide mouth allows quicker insertion of a magazine and more sure seating, helping reduce the risk of malfunctions. The Adaptive Magwell allows a shooter to keep the gun shouldered and his or her eyes up while reloading, not only speeding the process by saving the time it takes to glance down but also enhancing tactical awareness. In tense situations this can be a game changer.

The two-piece Lancer Adaptive Magwell installs easily on standard AR lower receivers with an included Allen wrench. It attaches to a standard trigger guard, the trigger guard’s normal attachment point on the lower, and the flared edges of the lower receiver. The straight standard trigger angles down to create more room for large or gloved fingers. No permanent modifications to the gun are required.

The Adaptive Magwell has an MSRP of $99.99 and is available now. A one-piece model intended especially for military use will be available in the near future.