Steyr Arms has just introduced its multi-configurable AUG A3 M1 rifle to the U.S. market, a popular bullpup rifle variant that’s the standard issue for the Australian army and and several other militaries.

The new versions come in several configurations, including a short rail version, with a minimal Picatinny rail mount and a high-rail version “designed to accommodate the widest range of optic choices, from a high-magnification scope to a short-eye-relief tactical scope mounted at the rear to a holographic red-dot sight coupled in tandem with a secondary multiplier,” Steyr says.

There’s also an integrated optics version similar to the standard military issue.

“The Integrated-Optics version is based on American desire for the scoped special operations AUG SF model,” Steyr says. “The new M1 optics version has a more traditional AUG scope tube, modernized with the addition of three Picatinny rail sections to accommodate accessories like a close-quarters holographic sight. The top rail has 15 numbered slot positions in two segments and a pair of backup dots at the rearmost portion of the rail. The four-slot rail segment on the right side of the scope is also numbered.”

Since the Steyr’s bullpup design brings it in at just 28.15 inches even with a 16-inch heavy barrel, the Steyr A3 M1 will require an NFA tax stamp and registration as an SBR. The new rifles retail for between $2,100 and $2,600.